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In my graduating year at University, I travelled from London, Ontario to Miami to see Bobby's act at the Deauville Hotel. I was that kind of Darin fan as a teenager. You can imagine the thrill 7 years later when I was working as a writer in Hollywood and was offered a job on the writing staff of the Bobby Darin Show at NBC. Bobby took me under his wing, as the rookie on the staff, both nurturing me and trusting me as his "young eyes" on what my demographic might like on the show.

I wrote the original music for each episode, usually as part of a sketch. My favorite was the Macbeth Rock Musical we did, featuring Bobby as Banquo and George Burns as Macbeth. We often reminisced about that one.

I remember softball games - Dodd was there - and screenings at the Darin house. He even visited my house for a party. My Mom was visiting and she loved the souvenir photo of them together. In the months between the end of the TV show and Bobby's passing, I spoke to him by phone a couple of times. I never saw him again. We all have those people we wish we could have seen one more time. Bobby was that for me.

Alan Thicke

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