Steve Blauner being interviewed.

Steve and Harriet "Hesh" Wasser.

Dina Scalia, Steve Blauner and Jimmy.

Jimmy, "Hesh" and Steve.

Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Scalia.

Jimmy Scalia and Steve Blauner.


Ziegfeld Theatre - Broadway

December 8, 2004

Afterparty was held at the Waldorf Astoria's elegant Starlight Roof Ballroom.

    Steve Blauner: "It was difficult to imagine that a film about Bobby Darin's life and career would ever be made. Although there were factors I was uncomfortable with before this project even began, it was Kevin's passion that changed my mind." When asked about BTS's importance in bringing Bobby's celebrity to the forefront again, "It's totally the reason. It will be Bobby Darin fans who will help sustain it."

    And commenting on the aspects of Bobby's recent wave of popularity that he is particularly enjoying, he simply replied, "The whole thing."

    Harriet Wasser: "I'm very grateful Kevin took the initiative, and through his enthusiasm and drive, saw this project through. Following the viewing of BTS, we all headed for the Waldorf Hotel where Kevin was already performing a number of songs for the invited audience. It was the first time I had seen him live (although up until then I must have listened to his "soundtrack" CD at least a half dozen times). All I can say is, 'What a night!' Kevin definitely lived up to my expectations."

    When asked about what she's enjoying with all the focus on Bobby's popularity, Harriet replied, "The realization that 40-50 years later that I would still be sitting here talking about somebody who could put a spell over me. I'm having a ball!"

    Special thanks to Steve Blauner and Harriet Wasser

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