"I'm interested in every side of show business,
and I want to become a total entertainer -- not just a recording
personality. That's a big goal, I realize, and it may take me a lifetime."

Remembering Bobby on His 80th Birthday
Thanks to Dodd Darin and Jimmy Scalia.

Tommy Amato Remembers Bobby's 80th Birthday
Thanks to Tommy Amato and Jimmy Scalia.

Help us celebrate Bobby and wish him a very special, Happy 80th Birthday!!!

For close to twenty years this website has been, and continues to be, a treasure trove of all things Darin.
Steadfast, longstanding fans will remember back in-the-day when there wasn't much about Bobby on the Internet.
We want to thank them for hanging in there with us, as we've all waited for new CDs, movies on DVD, and his TV shows to be released.

It's chock-full of information, great reading, sights and sounds ... enough to celebrate Bobby all year long!!!
So go ahead ... read about Bobby, listen to his music, watch his films. Be moved and inspired by his story.

Happy Birthday Bobby!!!

Best wishes, The Webteam

"I HATE sourpusses.
There is too much joy in the world for anyone to go around frowning."


"Be observant of people around you. I think we are influenced by what we see in others."

"I never had the kind of adolescence most kids have," Darin said. "When I went to a dance, it was to play it."



"I want the respect of the trade. You must have that. If you can create excitement in both the trade and the public, you've got something."

"A change in my life-style was necessary for my own spiritual survival."

"Some people would say it's premature for me to be booked into the Sands ...
I've always had a drive to do everything the best."


My greatest challenge? Hanging in there. Really, that's the only way to do it. It's a constant challenge just to hang in there.

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