April 23, 2005

Dear Friends,

Over the course of the past two months I have received an outpouring of cards and emails from all over the world regarding my mother's passing. To all of you who have reached out to me I simply cannot thank you enough. Your heartfelt condolences and sorrow has moved me deeply and the most difficult time of my life has been eased by your kindness. Although my mother had some ongoing health problems, her passing really came as a shock. She had just moved into a new home, was actively involved in getting a kidney transplant and was really enjoying being a wise grandmother to my two daughters. She had made a new and meaningful friendship with Natalie and was getting out and about more. She was doing better than she had been in many, many years. It is this that makes her passing so very difficult for me. I believe that God has a plan for us all but at times it is very difficult to accept let alone understand. I want you to know that over the last couple of years my mother and I would visit the web site. Although she was innately modest, she really did get a wonderful joy out of reading your messages. She was very touched to realize that you remembered her and that her work was respected.

Today is my mother's birthday and the truth is I still have not come to terms with the fact that she has passed. I do sincerely believe however that she is reunited in heaven with my father and that gives me some comfort. Life is a very precious and unpredictable thing. With that in mind, love your friends and family a bit more. Figure out what is important to you and focus on it. Appreciate and savor the happy times that you share and always be grateful for the good things that come your way.

I thank you for all the love and kindness you have shown to my family over the years. I know that my parents will always have a special place in your hearts and for that I'm proud and grateful.

May health and happiness be with you and yours always.


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