Gunfight in Abilene (1967)

  • USA, Color, 96 minutes
  • Produced by Howard Christie
  • Directed by William Hale
  • Screenplay by Berne Giller and John D.E. Black
  • Based on the story "Gun Shy" by Clarence Upson Young
  • Music By Bobby Darin (Theme: Amy)
  • Studio: Universal


     Radio spot for Gunfight in Abilene (Audio)


    Cal Wayne
    Grant Evers
    Joe Slade
    Ward Kent
    Ned Martin
    Cord Decker

    The Story:
    It's a messy Civil War scene. Major Cal Wayne and his men are on patrol.The confederate troops have been boxed in by the Yankees for 3 days. They have had no sleep and are running out of supplies. Heartless snipers are killing Cal's men one by one until he has only 5 left. As Cal goes alone to a quiet area in Thompson's Woods, he hears someone rustle in the bushes. He turns and shoots, only to find out he has fatally injured his best friend, Dave Evers.

Cal hurriedly carries his dying friend to safety and suddenly the snipers hit him too.

Cal is taken to a prison hospital and then a prison camp. He is traumatized by what he has done to Dave. Cal cannot tell anyone the truth about the incident. He is guilt-ridden and vows to never fire a gun again. As he lay in the Prison camp, word comes that the war is over. Instead of happiness, Cal feels nothing but pain and worry. He knows when he goes home to Abilene, Kansas, he must face his best friend's brother, Grant Evers.

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