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Reviews of Aces Back to Back

“I used to be pissed off at Bobby Darin because he changed styles so much. Now I look at him and think he was a genius.” Neil Young

“Darin didn't emerge from a cookie cutter mold like so many other '50s idols. He reached down inside, grabbed it, and laid it on the table. Yeah, Bobby was way real. I think he kind of slipped through the cracks though, like an autumn New York City thunderstorm that rocks the town, then slowly passes and leaves everything clean and new.”Brian Setzer

New York, NY - Teen idol, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, singer/songwriter, Vegas entertainer, multi-instrumentalist, Grammy Award-winner, comedian, Academy Award-nominated actor and television variety show host; Bobby Darin did it all. He was the consummate American artist. Only 37 when he passed away, Darin left behind a body of work that most performers could only hope to accomplish in a full lifetime.

On September 14th, HYENA Records will celebrate Bobby Darin's legacy with the release of Aces Back to Back. The CD/DVD set will include Darin performing his biggest hits along with the most comprehensive collection of Darin rarities ever released. Included are long lost concert recordings, previously unreleased radio broadcasts, out-of-print studio sessions and vintage film and television footage.

Aces Back to Back was compiled in conjunction with The Bobby Darin Estate. It is produced by GRAMMY Award-winning record producer, Joel Dorn, co-produced by Bobby Darin's official archivist, Jimmy Scalia, and executive produced by Darin's longtime manager, Steve Blauner. Together, they've mined countless hours of Darin material in hopes of presenting a definitive overview of the artist's one-of-a-kind, iconic talent. In doing so, they've also written a timeless love letter to a musical hero, offering the opportunity for Darin's legacy to be rediscovered by a new generation of music lovers.

"This is the first time that all the different pieces that made Bobby Darin who and what he was have been put together in one package," states Dorn. "Not only do you get to hear him, but you get to see him, as well. The title says it all. It's aces back to back, all left hooks and no filler."

Aces Back to Back begins with seven songs from Bobby Darin's television variety series that first hit airwaves in July 1972. Darin is captured in classic showbiz mode performing a combination of his own hits such as "Beyond the Sea," along with the pop music of the day, including "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," "Alone Again, Naturally" and "Dream," sung as a duet with Petula Clark.

Darin's introspective side as both a singer/songwriter and a folk rock stylist is captured with "live" versions of Bob Dylan's "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight," Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter" and his own "Simple Song of Freedom," culled from a long out-of-print 1971 "live" album.

Among the rare studio recordings featured, "Jive" and "Long Time Movin'" stem from Darin's Big Sur sessions in the late '60s that only momentarily saw the light of day on his own short lived Direction record label. They're instant classics based on easy swinging country grooves, with simple but brilliant lyrics, which encompass the outsider spirit of the day. Another standout is the inclusion of the rare studio demo of "Dream Lover" that would go on to become a smash hit for Darin.

Last, but not least, are the storied "Milk Recordings." They are among the only known Bobby Darin performances in a traditional jazz vocal setting. Originally broadcast as a five minute, five day a week radio series for the American Dairy Association, Darin is spellbinding as he sings "Blue Skies," "Moon River" and "All the Way." They're just one more example on Aces Back to Back of Darin at the absolute height of his powers, showcasing an unlimited ability as a singer in any musical setting.

The DVD component of Aces Back to Back includes segments from the aforementioned Bobby Darin television variety show that aired in the early '70s. The highlight, however, is raw, black and white footage from a never before seen documentary that Darin was making about his own life. It's narrated by George Burns and chronicles Darin's comeback from a three year self-imposed exile from performing. The story is compelling as Darin, the multi-faceted, multi-talented captain of his own ship, comes to grips with his fears.

Aces Back to Back signals the rediscovery of Bobby Darin, one of the most underrated artists of the 20th century. Presenting his vast artistry in stunning clarity, with not only the hits, but lesser known yet equally brilliant material, it's clear that the magnitude of Darin's legacy is worthy of renewed celebration. Quotes from Neil Young, Johnny Depp, Doc Pomus, Dion, Roger McGuinn, Danny Aiello, Tim Rice and Brian Setzer make perfectly clear just how influential his life's work truly was. In addition, Beyond the Sea: The Bobby Darin Story, a full-length feature film biopic on Darin, produced, directed and starring Kevin Spacey, is scheduled to hit movie theaters nationwide on November 24th. As Darin convincingly sings on Aces Back to Back's opening number, "This Could Be the Start of Something Big."

"At the end of it, there's just one point I wanted to get across," concludes Dorn. "Bobby Darin was one of the greatest entertainers and singers of the 20th century. He's never gotten even close to his due. I hope in some way, Aces Back to Back, helps move the process along."

Special thanks to Donna Carter, Jimmy Scalia and Joel Dorn


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