Two Weeks In Heaven -

With Bobby Darin

This article appeared in the August 1960 issue of TV & Screen Life Magazine. The article was "Stories From Our Readers"
and was written by Barbara Arrow, president of the International Bobby Darin Fan Club.

This fabulous Dream--come--True actually started falling into a set pattern long before I actually met Bobby Darin. Approximately two years ago, I was given written permission by Bobby himself to start a fan club for him. I considered this quite a privilege! Before this time, I had seen him on the Dick Clark Show and watched his style and also noticed that his effervescent personality seemed to actually project right out of the TV screen into my living room. My mother agreed, and then, I decided to write to ATCO Record Company to learn how I might contact Bobby for permission to start a National Fan Club for him. I felt that I did know how to operate a fan club, having had another for Clint Walker for two and a half years. On June 27, 1958, I received a wonderful letter from Bobby, saying he had referred my letter to his secretary, Harriet Wasser, and that I should be hearing from her very shortly. Harriet did write me and we corresponded a few times before a definite decision was made. Luckily, I was given permission and from that moment on, I planned on meeting Bobby some day. As soon as Harriet knew he was coming to St. Louis the two of us planned for this occasion. And now to "our" members of the Bobby Darin International Fan Club and fans throughout the world, here is my report on meeting Bobby Darin for the First Time!

I met Bobby for the first time on opening night at the Chase Club in St. Louis, Missouri on Wednesday, March 2, 1960. I had a front-center table and was seated with my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arrow. He came out on stage at 8:45 p.m. and started singing in that uniquely enticing manner that is so heavenly!

After he had sung several songs, he said, "There is a certain young lady in the audience tonight that I am very anxious to meet. I don't know where she is .... "

Wow! up went my hand and immediately the spotlight was on me. Bobby extended his hand, I arose and entered Heaven! Everyone else in that room faded away. Just Bobby and me! It isn't hard to spark this feeling when you meet Bobby. He does it by his words when he speaks to you. He does it by the way he tilts his head back, a little to one side, as if he were mentally measuring something. He then took complete possession of my eyes, my hair, my lips, all with a kind of delighted and wonderful amazement. He gave me the wonderful feeling that I was important! The room went round and round. His manners and attention to a girl are exquisite! After the show, the maitre d' came over to our table and told us Bobby wanted to see my family and me in his room. We went up without hesitation. His manager, Steve Blauner, greeted us, as Bobby was on the phone. Then, Bobby hung up the phone and it happened all over again. We had a delightful visit with him. On Thursday, my mother and I were invited to a party given in Bobby's honor. Later in the evening we took pictures... Every girl's dream--having your picture taken and dancing with Bobby. We took some wonderful pictures of Bobby and me.

Bobby Darin and Barbara Arrow

Saturday evening, while seated in the Chase Club with my parents, a Mr. Jack Rice, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, came over to our table and asked questions about Bobby and also on "our" fan club for an article he was writing on him. Later a photographer for the newspaper took our pictures and the article appeared in the paper a few days later. Also, a neighborhood newspaper requested a story on Bobby and our fan club. A photographer came to my home and took pictures of me and the hundreds and hundreds of letters I received asking to join Bobby's International Fan Club. Also, Prom magazine, here in St. Louis, (this is a magazine for all high school students) is writing an article on Bobby and taking pictures of Bobby and me. In the meantime, I have the profound pleasure of being able to see Bobby perform every night at the Chase Club. I've been his guest since opening night and will be every night until the closing.

My experience meeting Bobby Darin has been the most exhilarating, exciting period in my life to date. I am 17 years old, and although I have tried to express my sincere thanks to Bobby, there aren't any words adequate enough to really do justice to what it has meant to me to meet and really get to know Bobby. He is such a warm personality, such a down to earth individual, quite out-spoken, (the way I like my men), honest, sincere, lovable, attentive, and he has the most wonderful sense of humor I have ever seen in one individual. And he has lots of energy. There are three in the troupe: Bobby, Ronnie Zito, who plays drums, and Dick Behrke, his piano-accompanist. Ronnie and Dick are ideal young men too, and full of talent.

Bobby went directly to England after he left St. Louis, but those two weeks will linger until we meet again. And we will meet again, if I have anything to say about it! This young gentleman, Bobby Darin, will see me again. I don't know exactly when or how, but I know that day will come. Until it does, many thanks Bobby for the marvelous, unforgetable two weeks we had together.

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