Bobby Darin Saves Tahoe Youth

Lodi News-Sentinel
August 7, 1970


Entertainer Bobby Darin dived from a motor boat into Lake Tahoe Wednesday and pulled out a boy who was in danger of drowning. Darin and some friends were in the vicinity because they had to bring their boat back to the Kings Beach marina to get more gasoline.

"It was just fate that we were there at the time," said Darin, who has been appearing at the Lake Tahoe casino.

He said two boys, one about 8 and the other about 6 were on a moored boat about 50 feet from the mania, having made their way there on a raft and a small plastic tub. The younger boy paddled back to shore without incident in the raft, but when the older boy began paddling back in the tub, it filled with water and sank, about 20 feet from shore.

Darin asked the boy if he was all right. The boy first said he was, but the water was deeper than he thought and he went under. Darin dived in after him and helped him to the pier.

Thank you, Shiying, for this information.

Billboard Magazine also reported the event. "Bobby Darin: Hero" clipping is here.

Thanks to, John Goldsmilth, at WGEL Radio FM 101.7, for this clipping.

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