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"Thank you very much, you're beautiful, thank you!"

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Long Island Newsday:

In the Nov. 22 edition of Long Island Newsday, there was a feature about websites for celebrities, past and present. In the second paragraph, this site was mentioned:

"Bobby Darin, who struck piles of pop music gold with "Mack the Knife" before he died at age 37, is remembered online for his manicotti recipe, as well as for his mellifluous voice."

Thanks to Christine DiMeglio for this information

Atomic :

The Essential Guide to Online Culture

This site was reviewed in the current (Fall 2000) issue of Retro Magazine. (Be sure to visit their attractive website.)

Bobby Darin:

"This is an extensive fan site. The filmography is brimming full of info, and Darin lovers will groove on the discography, magazine articles, and even some of his personal recipes. Granted, it's not the best-looking site in the world and really tough to navigate (that Java index frame is irritating), but eventually you'll find everything you'll ever want to know and then some. Lots of links to other Darin sites as well." (byline: Frank Dellarto)

NOTE: Firstly, I hope Mr. Dellarto has revisited the site since I dumped the Java index frame on the front page ( this review was written way before then). Secondly, any suggestions or help to make this site better looking is most appreciated. Thirdly, if you have any problems with the site PLEASE let us know and we'll do our best to fix it pronto! This site is for you, Darin fans, so please let your voice be heard.

DisCoveries Magazine:

"Where The Interaction Is"

This site was reviewed again by Jeff Tamarkin in his informative column "Where The Interaction is" of DISCOVERIES Magazine in September 1999. DisCoveries is a great publication, filled with record auctions and ALL KINDS of great Rock- Roll memorabilia!! (I have found a lot of Darin treasures there!)

Jeff's review reads as follows: "This site exists, it says 'to positively promote and recognize the accomplishments and art of Bobby Darin, to give him a place in cyberspace and to educate and inform his fans, old and new.' It contains the latest news of interest to Darin fans,plus articles, bio, a campaign to get his albums reissued on CD, and lots more. Also some cools links to other Darin-related sites."

Thanks again Jeff!

Here is the first review of this site by Jeff Tamarkin in the March 1998 issue of DISCOVERIES Magazine.

The Legendary Bobby Darin

"Fans of the late, great Darin should find plenty to keep them occupied at this attractive and informative site. Up-to-the-minute news (including the latest on the upcoming Darin film bio), a timeline, discographies, memorabilia, photos, TV appearances, dedications, links and more."

Thank you Jeff!

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