Bobby Darin

"Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie" Sessions

Bobby discussing this album and Richard Wess with Jack Wagner

Below is a listing of the musicians appearing in the liner notes of Bobby Darin's Capitol LP Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie. Bobby also added to the notes, with his signature, here:

"Just in case the big band sounds familiar, the last time you heard it it was swinging behind me on "Mack the Knife" and I haven't felt as good in front of a band since. In other words, Richard Wess, welcome back.

By the way, if you know how a record is made, you won't have to read the following. If you don't, then believe me, any record you ever hear is only as good as its producer and engineer. My thanks to Jim Economides and Eddie Brackett.

And, my sincerest thanks to the following...."

Album personnel

Bud Shank, Ronald Langinger, Plas Johnson, John Lowe, Bill Collette, Med Flory (saxophones); Conrad Gozzo, Virgil Evans, Tony Terran, Jimmy Zito, Shorty Sherock, Pete Candoli, Bud Brisbois, Al Porcino (trumpets); Dick Nash, James Henderson, Vernon Friley, Joe Howard, Milt Bernhart, Lew McCreary (trombones); Lyle Ritz (bass); Eugene DiNovi, Lou Levy (piano); Milt Norman (guitar); Jack Sperling (drums); Carlos Vidal (conga); Nicholas Martinez (bongos); Julius Wechter (percussion/tympani); Armand Kaproff, Eleanor Slatkin, Edgar Lustgarten, Raphael Kramer (cellos); Jules Jacob, Ronald Langinger (flutes); Jules Jacob (oboe); Joseph DiFiore, Alvin Dinkin, Harry Hyams, Alexander Nieman (violas); Jacob Krachmalnick, Stanley Plummer, Myron Sandier, Marshall Sosson, Lou Raderman, Harry Bluestone, Marvin Limonick, Henry Roth, Elliott Fisher, Arnold Blenick, Paul Shure, Bernard Kundell, Darrel Terwilliger, Alvin Dinkin (violins); Ann Stockton (harp).

All Capitol had to add to the liners was "We have nothing to say except...listen!"

This album was recorded September 17-18, 1964, in Hollywood CA.

Thanks to Frank Lipski for the Audio file.

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