Bobby Darin

Shadow of Your Smile Recording Sessions

This session was recorded in Los Angeles on December 13, 1965.

Bobby Darin (vocals); Conte Candoli, Clarence 'Shorty' Sherock, Al Porcino, Don Fagerquist (trumpet); Urbie Green, Dick Nash, Tom Shephard, Lew McCreary (trombone); Wilbur Schwartz, Bud Shank, Plas Johnson (saxes); Bill Hood (sax/clarinet); Jimmy Rowles (pno), Tom Tedesco, Milt Pullman (guitar); Max Bennett (bass); Jack Sperling (drums); Milt Holland (congas); Harry Bluestone, Erno Neufeld, Marshall Sosson, Ralph Schaeffer, Israel Baker, Alfred Lustgarten, Jack Lee, James Getzoff (violins); Milton Thomas, Louis Keivman (viola); William Van Den Berg, Harold Schneier (cello).

Sam Kaplan (director); Richard Wess (arranger/conductor).

Number Name of song Appeared on
A-9717 After You've Gone Atlantic SD-8121
A-9718 Lover Come Back To MeAtlantic SD-B121
A-9719 Silver Dollar Unissued
A-a720 Ace In The Hole Unissued
A-9721 The Best Is Yet To ComeUnissued

This session was recorded in Los Angeles on December 14, 1965.

Bobby Darin (vocals); Pete Candoli, Lee Katzman, Bud Brisbois, Don Fagerquist (trumpet); Lloyd Ulyate, Urbie Green, Gilbert Falco, George Roberts (trombone); Wilbur Schwartz, Ronald Langinger, Plas Johnson, Jack Nimitz (saxes); Jimmy Rowles (piano); Howard Roberts, Bill Pittman (guitar); Max Bennett (bass); Jack Sperling (drums); Emil Richards (conga).

Jack Lee (director); Richard Wess (arranger/conductor).

Number Name of song Appeared on
A-9722 The Sheik Of Araby Unissued
A-9723 The Breaking Point Atlantic 2317
A-9724 Cute SD-8121
A-9725 It's Only A Paper Moon SD-8121
A-9726 This Could Be The Start Of Something Big Unissued
A-9727 Silver Dollar Atlantic 2317

This session was recorded in Los Angeles on December 15, 1965.

Bobby Darin (vocals); Sinclair Lott, Alan Robinson, Aubery Bouck, Richard Mackey (french horn); Norman Benno (sax/bass clarinet); Wilbur Schwartz, Harry Klee (sax/flute); Howard Teny (sax/bass clarinet), Bill Pittman (guitar); Max Bennett (bass); Jack Sporting (drums); Emil Richards (percussion/mallets); Harry Bluestone, Erno Neufeld, Ralph Schaeffer, Jacques Gasselin, Nathan Ross, Sam Caplan, Anatol Kaminsky, Nathan Kaproff, Carl Lavagna, William Kurash, Alex Beller, Wilbert Nuttycombe (violins); Louis Kievman, Milton Thomas, Robert Ostrowsky, Gary Nuttycombe (viola); Harold Schneier, William Van Den Berg, Nathan Gershman, Joseph Saxon (cello).

Jack Lee (director); Richard Wess (arranger/conductor).

Number Name of song Appeared on
A- 9728 I Got Plenty Of Nothin' Unissued
A- 9729 Liza Atlantic SD-8121
A-10206 Baby Won't You Please Come Home Unissued

This session was recorded in Las Vegas on February 4, 1966. It was filmed for a unreleased documentary in 1966 and was shown in the PBS documentary, Bobby Darin: Beyond The Song.

Bobby Darin (vocals); Eddie Miller, Archie LeCoque (saxes); Stan Wrightsman (piano); Henry Levine (bass); Nick Fatool (drum); Joe Venuti (violin); Russell P. Black, Edmund J. Scarazzo, Robert Paul Horgan (unknown instr.); Julian C. Hatlock (leader).

Number Name of song Appeared on
A-9910 Weeping Willow Unissued
A-9911 Rainin' Atlantic 2350 SD-8121

This session was recorded at SCA Studios in Los Angeles on April 21, 1965.

Bobby Darin (vocals); George Roberts (trombone); James Decker, William Hinshaw, John Cave (French Horn); Lautindo Alieida, Don Peake (guitars); Joe Mondragon (bass); Earl Palmer, Larry Bunker (drums); Paul Robyn, Virginia Majewski, Dorothy Colton, Louis Kievaan (viola); Eleanor Slatkin, Ray Kramer, Norman Benko, Paul Bergstrom, Justin DiTullio, Emmett Sargeant, Joseph Saxon, Ann Goodman (cello); Pete Jolly (piano).

Shorty Rogers (arranger).

Number Name of song Appeared on
A-10207 I Will Wait For You Atlantic SD-8121
A-10208 The Ballad Of Cat Ballou Atlantic SD-8121
A-10209 What's New Pussycat? Atlantic SD-8121
A-10210 The Sweetheart Tree Atlantic SD-8121
A-10211 Strangers In The Night Unissued
A-10212 The Shadow Of Your Smile Atlantic SD-8121

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