The Woman in Bobby Darin's Life

Andrea and Bobby
Andrea and Bobby, 1971

This article, written by Al Coombs, appeared in the
September 19, 1971 issue of The National Inquirer Magazine.

Former secretary Andrea Yeager, who is the woman in singer Bobby Darin's life, says
they share a happy family together and aren't interested in marriage.

Andrea, a 30 year old beauty, told me from Darin's Beverly Hills home: "I've been going with Bobby for 14 months and I don't care about marriage. We could marry but since we've both been married before, we are not in a hurry.

"We are both skeptical, I guess you could say.

"We've got a great family. My two boys Armin, 10, and Alexander, 8, and Bobby's son Dodd, 10, might not have gotten along. But the whole family has worked out beautifully. Things are really great for all of us," she said.

Darin, now 35, was one of the world's top entertainers between 1958 and 1968 when he racked up a 7.5 million fortune from hit records like "Mack the Knife" and movie and club appearances.

But friends said the June 1968 assassination of his friend, Bobby Kennedy, added to Darin's building self doubts about his gaudy Hollywood lifestyle and contributed to a temporary retreat from show business.

Don Gregory, his agent, said: "I learned that he has serious doubts about what he was doing. He began to feel he was cheating his audiences as well as himself."

Darin sold almost all he owned and went into a hermit-like existence in a California mountain hideaway. When he emerged singing songs of social consciousness, a Las Vegas audience gave him an ovation he called "the most exhilarating of my life."

Darin currently is doing night club and TV performances ... and Variety, the show business newspaper, recently said he's "back in his old snappy form."

It was while filming Come September in 1960 that he cultivated an on-set romance with costar Sandra Dee.

The two eloped that December and were divorced seven years later.

Andrea divorced aerospace technician Jeri Paul Yeager in 1968.

"I met Bobby while I working for a law firm, "Andrea said, "He came in one day and we started talking and we both discovered we liked the same things.

"A relationship like ours doesn't happen very often. We have both experienced lonely times and when you find something meaningful after heartache and loneliness, you appreciate it more.

"If I did marry again, there's no question I'd want it to be him. I love him very much. Bobby is very sensitive, exceptional in every way."

"He's all the superlatives you can apply to someone."

Bobby does not conceal his affection for Andrea. This reporter saw them together last July 24th at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles where Darin was playing in a baseball game between sports broadcasters and TV and motion picture stars. Between innings he kept returning to the dugout and putting his arm around her. They were very affectionate.

Andrea said Bobby's affection extends to the children.

"They love him, too. He's very good with them because he takes time out to explain why he is correcting them, which is unusual," she said. "But he's an unusual man.

"We don't go out that much. We like to do very simple things like taking the kids fishing.

"So sometimes we go down to a pier or rent a little boat and cruise around the harbors. Or we go for walks. We just like walking and enjoying the outdoors.

"I also like to watch Bobby work and I travel with him when he goes out on the road. I never get tired of listening to him sing.

"My mother and sister usually move into the house when we leave and they take care of the boys."

Confirmed Darin: "I have been with Andrea for over a year now and I am seeing her to the exclusion of everyone else."

Andrea said: "It's been a beautiful 14 months. I hope it lasts another hundred and forty months."

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