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Mack the Knife's a Godfather Now

By Gail Godwin - Herald Staff Writer

Ozzie and Anita Reyes opened for Bobby at hotels and shows.
Read Anita's "Remembering BD" comments here.
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Bobby Darin Busses His Godchild Anita ... her parents know him from show bis.

WEST HOLLYWOOD -- Bobby Darin, the young singer who soared to fame with the hit song "Mack the Knife," became a godfather here Sunday.

The 23 year old entertainer, currently starring at the Deauville in Miami Beach, stood solemnly in the sacristy of St. Stephen's Catholic Church while the priest recited the christening ceremony in Latin.

Afterwards, he relaxed in a typical family gathering, far removed from the routine life of night club performances and TV interviews.

The godchild was two-month-old Anita Reyes, Bobby and her young parents, the Ozzie Reyes, a dancing team, were in the same show in Buffalo, N.Y., several years ago.

The Reyes and their parents, the Raoul Reyes (a nationally known dance team) will open their own show at the Americana February 2. "I love being a godfather," said Darin. "In fact, this is my second godchild.
And I mean to help them out wherever they need me. That's what I was put in this world for - to help people out."

After the ceremony was over, Bobby cuddled little Anita in his arms and sang her a Baptism song . . . "Splish Splash" one of his most famous tunes.

"Look at her, she's a beatnik," he said. "It doesn't even move her."

Then the christening party went back to the Reyes' home to drink champagne and celebrate. As soon as Bobby shed his coat and tie, he headed straight for an electric train set up on a table. He talked as he experimented with switches.

"Show business is my whole life . . . there is nothing else . . . no more school or anything like that . . ." the train lost a caboose.

"After I finish in Miami Wednesday, I'm going to California. I have a contract with Paramount to do seven pictures." He set the caboose back on the track.

"Right now, I'm just reading scripts. But I want to act as well as sing in the pictures . . . whoops . . ." He pressed the wrong button and derailed the train.

It's a good thing he sings better than he runs little trains," said the new grandfather Raoul Reyes.

Bobby agreed.

(Thanks to Anita Elliott-Anastasi (Anita Reyes) for sharing this article.)

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