Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin Fields Calls

By Earl Wilson

Sarasota Herald-Tribune - March 25, 1968

NEW YORK -- Bobby Darin the fresh, cocky kid of yesterday, who wanted money and fame, and knew he was going to get it, thinks of himself today at 31 as primarily a citizen -- and sits in his dressing room at the Copacabana fielding calls from politicians seeking his help.

In his slick cafe act there is none of the egotism of almost a decade ago.

"Aren't you changing your image from bad to good to abruptly?" we asked him. "Aren't people going to start saying you're Mr. Nice Guy like Perry Como? Would you really like it if people started a whispering campaign saying, 'That Bobby Darin is really a swell fella'?"

Once Too Flip

Bobby laughed. He doubts if it will go that far.

"I wanted everything better, faster, quicker," he admitted. "I think any body's young period is ensconced in a bunch of insecurities, which in my case manifested themselves in being too flip, too off-the-shoulder."

"The goals have been changed and what I aspire to now is a more meaningful contribution.

"To be called the greatest entertainer may mean being paid more than anybody, or having four limousines. Those are not essentials to me any more. Being accepted universally as an entertainer and human being are."

Bobby went to Indiana -- with Jimmy Durante -- to M.C. a Democratic rally for U.S. Sen. Birch E Bayh, and they got such a huge crowd that some Hoosiers are still puzzled. They don't know whether the crowd turned out for Bayh -- or to hear Durante and Darin sing.

He's for RFK

And "Citizen" Darin will stump, if asked, for RFK.

Bobby says this may be a mistake but I regret nothing in my life . . . "

"You've never made a mistake?" I asked.

"I didn't say that! Mistakes are a daily occurrence. If I learn something from them, I don't regret it."

Will Bobby ever attain the universal recognition for performing and for being a human being that he hopes for?

"Probably epitaph-time will come and hit me squarely between the eyes and I will not have attained it."

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