Bobby Darin

"Just a Little: Bobby Darin's Now Humble"

By Doris Klein

Kentucky New Era - October 27, 1964

HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Bobby Darin stripped down to his shorts, stuck out his legs for an application of suntan makeup, and displayed the new Bobby Darin.

He sings, he smiles, he can explain complicated tax situations, he works five days a week, loves being a family man and reads the New York Times on weekends.

He is even humble - well, just a little.

"Yeah, I know I said I'd be a star at 25 and an institution at 30. I don't consider myself a star yet - the stars are people like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elizabeth Taylor.

"But remember, I've still got two years to go before I'm 30."

After successful years as the brash, sometimes angry, sometimes rude young man, Bobby is looking for a new image. Maybe it's because he is still angling to be an institution, maybe it's because he is getting older, or maybe it's because marriage to actress Sandra Dee and being the father of a 3-year-old son have softened his outlook.

"My life is really upside down of what it was before."

"I'm off night club appearances - but I'd really decided against that even before Sandy and I separated and got back together again."

"I don't want my wife and child to have a gypsy life."

"Now, I work five days a week and have nights and weekends off. On Sundays, I can read the New York Times - all the way through - and a lot of other papers."

Then there's father Darin.

"We have friends who are always teaching their kids things - like the alphabet and reading by the age of 3. Not my son. Sandy and I are teaching him things - but we're not pushing him."

"We just want our kid to grow up to be a normal kid."

Bobby was minus the trousers for a comedy scene in his new movie, "That Funny Feeling," his third co-starring with his wife.

Between shots, he keeps tabs by phone on his music publishing firm which he started two years ago.

"It grossed $300,000 the first year and $400,000 the second," says tycoon Bobby. "The possibilities are unlimited."

Bobby isn't making his own records because of tax complications, but he has Wayne Newton in his stable and cut a hit with Pat Boone recently.

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