Bobby Darin

The Story Behind the Photos: A Cake and Two Kisses for Bobby

Photograph by Jacques Roi.

By Carolyn Soltau
Review by Lorne Parton - May 18, 1968
The Province May 13, 2013.
Each week, Province librarian Carolyn Soltau takes you back in time with a great photo from our archives.

The photo: A birthday cake and two CPA stewardesses greet singer Bobby Darin as he arrives in Vancouver in this May 15, 1968, photo by Jacques Roi. Sonya Jepsen (left) and Bette Thomson presented Darin with a cake because it was his 32nd birthday. He was in town to sing at the Cave Theatre Restaurant.

The story: It was 45 years ago this week that singer Bobby Darin, known for such hits as "Mack the Knife" and "Beyond the Sea" (which young readers might recognize from the Super Bowl ad for Carl Jr.'s Burgers), came to Vancouver in 1968 to perform at The Cave.

Here's a review of the May 18, 1968 show by writer Lorne Parton:

At the Cave, making his first Vancouver appearance, is Bobby Darin.

Darin, finger snapping, eyes flashing, is a member of the stand-up-and-belt-’em-out school of showmanship.

He has the handicap of earlier success – and is often the case, a singer who is overly identified with one song.

In Darin's case, the song is "Mack the Knife" – his first big hit. The nightclub crowd started hollering for "Mack" as soon he stopped for a breath and he wisely incorporated it into the early part of his act.

What Darin has done since "Mack the Knife" is impressive. He has toned down the hoohaw, finger-snapping artificial excitement and supplanted it with the legitimate excitement that surrounds a superior act.

His opening numbers were much more rock-oriented than expected. The songs were "Pass Me By" and "Under My Skin," but the beat was strictly boom-chicka-boom.

It was when he displayed his versatility that Darin captured the crowd. After the rock numbers, a quiet piano-only accompaniment rendition of "Someone Who’ll watch Over Me," and then his record big hit "Talk to the Animals."

I’ll see him again.

Thank you, Cathy Merra, for this article.

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