Bobby Darin

Robert (Bobby) Darin Likes Simpler Life

By Harry Jones
Desert News Staff Writer

Desert News - December 24, 1969

You wouldn't recognize Bobby Darin if he walked down the streets of Salt Lake City today. And that's the way he wants it.

It is quite a switch for the brash Bobby -- Robert if you please.

Gone are the $350 suits. Instead, Bobby wears a pair of faded blue denims and matching jacket. To hear him talk, it is the only suit he owns. What he does on washday when his denims are rinsing and drying could make a story for a movie magazine.

You might not even recognize Bobby if he walked down the streets of Salt Lake City and someone pointed him out to you.

Robert has grown a mustache. He looks more like a young Groucho than the old Darin.

No, Robert hasn't flipped. It happened the time that Sen. Robert Kennedy died. Robert Darin will tell you that the late Sen. Kennedy had some influence on his life.

It wasn't too long ago that Bobby Darin was living in a house with a rental tag hitting four figures. Now he lives in a trailer in the big Sur country ... a simple life.

There's no danger that Robert will starve to death. But, he lives a much simpler life than when he was high in the ratings as a singer-actor.

He said he didn't like poverty and he was fact to face with it for 22 years. But Robert doesn't like the slavery that goes with being a top star either.

Robert no longer takes jobs just to pad the old bank roll. But neither is he just spending his time fishing off of Big Sur in the blue Pacific.

He has written a screen play which he will direct beginning after the first of the year. The need to write and direct is part of his desire to create. The film will be called The Venders, the story of a young man needing help ad an older woman who can't give it.

Robert has a small part in The Happy Ending, but does a masterful job in a difficult role.

The Happy Ending is a United Artists' release slated to open in Salt Lake City soon. It stars Jean Simmons, and John Forsythe, Darin, Shirley Jones, Tina Louise, Dick Shawn have supporting roles.

The movie was written and directed by Miss Simmons' husband, Richard Brooks (The Professionals and In Cold Blood.)

Darin took the part because of the respect he has for Mr. Brooks as a director-writer. He admits that Brooks has had a tremendous influence with his own writing.

Darin is sincere when he speaks of his simpler life. He asks how can a person look at his fancy suits and $50 shoes and think seriously about Appalachia and the problems of other people?

(Thanks to Shiying for this article.)

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