Dick Clark Interview

With Bobby Darin

Bobby at the Bandstand autograph table.

Photo Sources: "Rock, Roll and Remember" by Dick Clark, Popular Library 1978.

Bobby was interviewed by Dick Clark during an episode of American Bandstand in October 1962,
following a performance (lip-synced) of the love theme "A True, True Love"
from his latest picture, Universal-International's If a Man Answers.

The Interview

Due to the atmosphere at the time of the interview (people talking in the background)
and Mr. Darin's soft spoken nature, you may need to turn up the volume to hear the interview.

    Dick Clark: Nice to have you back!

    Bobby Darin: Thank you Richard, it's good to be back.

    DC: Sit back and relax a little bit.

    Bobby Darin: Alright.

    DC: You know you and I have had so many interviews in the past, on music and records and so forth, let me upon touch on this, briefly.

    Bobby Darin: Oh, I thought you were gonna say that because I've had so many, we weren't gonna do one.

    DC: That's right ... oh no, no were gonna do a interview, I gotta find out some of your activities. Did you write this song?

    Bobby Darin: Yes, I did. Ross Hunter who produced the picture If a Man Answers gave me the opportunity to write the title song and the love theme, ( "A True, True Love") which this is.

    DC: Now your bringing me up to the next subject, I want to get off music for a while and talk about pictures. If a Man Answers is a good question. Let me ask you, how does it feel working with your wife in a picture?

    Bobby Darin: Well, I must say that from nine to six, Sandy and I are both a professional actor and an actress.

    DC: Do you battle at all on the set?

    Bobby Darin: No, we've never had occasion to. Sometimes you have a discussion with a director, but not with your wife.

    DC: Alright, when you get home at 6 o'clock do you discuss the lines?

    Bobby Darin: Very, very, rarely; in truth.

    DC: Why?

    Bobby Darin: Well, I study my lines night before and Sandy studies them under the hairdryer the morning of the shooting. So we really don't get together, its kind of like a spontaneous thing.

    DC: Alright, let me ask you, how do spend your evening?

    Bobby Darin: Well, before the baby goes to sleep, it's spent with cuddling and coddling him naturally. He's ten and half months old now and he's just a joy.

    DC: And he's 24 pounds you said?

    Bobby Darin: 24 pounds ... he's an Ox ... stands 27 inches high ... I'm really proud.

    DC: Alright, that's good, we've covered that portion. "If a Man Answers" is released right now, is it not?

    Bobby Darin: Yes it is, and it's not all over, it will be all over the country around Thanksgiving.

    DC: You're in a funny spot, you got two pictures out.

    Bobby Darin: Yes, and their on really opposite ends of the pole.

    DC: What's the other one like?

    Bobby Darin: The other one ( Pressure Point ) is a very serious drama. It's the story of an American fascist who is arrested for his ... ideas in 1942 and then the picture goes on the explain how he became one and the ugliness of it.

    DC: You mentioned Sidney Poitier ...

    Bobby Darin: I was just going to say that stars Sidney Poitier, who's just a giant ... he's just beautiful.

    DC: Do you learn by working with other people?

    Bobby Darin: I certainly learned 80 percent of what I've ever learned on the screen from Sidney Poitier.

    DC: Alright last question, attach significance now to your acting career and your musical career, I say musical meaning nightclubs, records and so forth, which is more important? If that's possible to determine ...

    Bobby Darin: It's very hard to determine Richard, because the thing of doing something live and having the audience give an immediate reaction is the most thrilling, because it is an immediate one, and yet the motion picture thing kind of is like an immortal quality that goes on after your gone.

    DC: You like 'em both.

    Bobby Darin: Both.

    DC: Would you spend a few minutes at our autograph table?

    Bobby Darin: Be my pleasure.

    DC: Nice to have you back.

    Bobby Darin: Thank you, Richard.

    DC: Bobby Darin, ladies and gentleman ... will join you at the autograph table ...

Special thanks to Martin Natchez who so generously donated this interview on audio tape
and to Jimmy Scalia who transfered it to CD.

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