Bobby Darin

Heart Fund Ambassador

Bobby promoting the Heart Association in 1959 & 1961

Another BD Heart PSA from the sixties

Another BD Heart PSA from the sixties

Another BD Heart PSA from the sixties

Bobby and Jimmy Durantes Heart A Gram from 1963

Singer Bobby Darin passed away December 20, 1973 following his second open heart surgery. Bobby had lived many years with a damaged heart due to rheumatic fever. His grandmother also passed away due to heart problems. In an effort to help fund research to a concern that was very real to him, Bobby chose to donate his time and talent to the Heart Fund throughout his career. As the National Ambassador for the Heart Association, Bobby was involved in radio promotions and also appeared on TV game shows promoting the charity. They included What's My Line in February 1961, and also in February 1964 and January, 1965. He also made an appearance on I've Got a Secret in February 1964 and Match Game the week of Feb. 1 - 5 in 1965.
Bobby's heart beat
Click on the heart above for Bobby's heartbeat from Heart Fund commercial

Bobby Darin & Connie Francis: Heart Almanac

In 1960 and 1961, Bobby Darin & Connie Francis were featured as the "King and Queen of Hearts" to raise money for the Heart Fund Campaign. The sound file below is a excerpt from one of the "Heart Almanac" records that were distributed to radio stations featuring Bobby and Connie. This began Bobby's work with the American Heart Association as "Heart Fund Ambassador."

Audio of Bobby Darin and Connie Francis

Jump Rope For Heart at Wilson Elementary School in Lodi NJ 2001

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