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Dick Clark
"You'll meet a Bobby Darin,
I think, that a lot of people
don't know.."

Bobby Darin

    DC: (Facing the camera) Now THAT Bobby Darin looks rather familiar, though he's performing for a private audience. THIS Bobby Darin is a fella I don't think you know. (To Bobby) Now, I know you have the courage of your convictions and you've tackled an area of the press that I don't think anyone ever has before and that's fan magazines. Now fan magazines are delightful things...

    Bobby Darin: Are they?

    DC: The ladies read them under the hairdryer ...

    BD: Wonderful.

    DC: They're innoucous magazines....

    BD: They're not innoucous. They're not innoucous, Richard-- they are certainly not innoucous-- when they fall under the realm of describing an industry that I happen to be a part of--body and soul--in such a manner and light as to make it a mocking point of the reader.

    DC: You mean they don't print the truth ?

    BD: I think they print about 1 percent truth and 99 percent nonsense and hearsay, and.... I've proven it by sueing.

    DC: Did you win ?

    BD: Yes I did, and having them print the fact that what they had written was hearsay. What I was going after was for them to print the fact that 99 % of what they said was hearsay--that they wouldn't consent to. The fact remains when you talk about fan magazines-- if it was color, you'd know-- (Points to face)

    DC: You can see it in your eyes!

    BD: Yes, exactly. When you talk about fan magazines you're talking about a medium that is geared to a young impressionable mind.

Bobby Darin
"When you talk about fan magazines
you're talking about a medium that is
geared to a young impressionable mind."

    DC: Now wait a minute, hold on a just second, that may be true, you're talking about the teenage element. But what about the young married housewife who goes to the hairdressers, like my wife, comes back and WHO KNOWS YOU, saying " Do you know what I read about that Bobby Darin today ?"

    BD: I refuse to believe that the young married housewife is in as a dangerous position as the 14, 13 or 11 year old boy or girl who picks up trash and reads it constantly and that impression is left there. I would say that the poor unfortunate that has to read that material for a form of relaxation is really up the creek, married or no.

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    DC: Fair enough.Switching to one last subject, what's the future for Bobby Darin ? How old are you now, 20-what?

    BD: 27.

    DC: Do you feel old?

    BD: No older for this year than I felt 10 years ago or 7 years ago.

    DC: You told me upstairs before that your not going to make anymore personal appearances.

    BD: Correct.

    DC: True?

    BD: True.

    DC: Why?

    BD: I have come to the point where working on the stage as much as I love the moments I'm on the stage, whether it be 15 minutes or an hour and 10 minutes, the time between becomes such a grind and is so taxing on me physically as well as mentally that I just don't feel that I have much longer to contribute to it in a positive sense...... It will cut my income by more than half in terms of hard dollar income.

    DC: You don't give any consideration to that?

    BD:(Smiles) Not really, Richard....

    DC: You REALLY are getting old now...you've seen the light!

Bobby Darin
"I've been running a long time.."

    BD: I'll tell you exactly what it boils down to. I've been running a long time-- this is one of the things the press has picked up on earlier--"The Running Man" etc. etc. I've been running , because I've always run. I'm 2-7 and I watched a man,whose quite a bit older, his name, I think we might as well forget about...he's about 56, 57 years old and I said to him, "Mr. so-n-so, when would you like to start the next film ?"..and he said, "Well...my wife and I plan to go to Europe... take us at least 4 or 5 months to drive around and see everything we want to see..why don't we start it in October?" And they said, "Fine sir, we'll give you a date in October to start the film." And he left, finished the picture he was working on...trained across country, took a boat across the water, picked up his car which was sent before and drove around Europe for 4-5 months, and will do that until October. You understand ? Now HE had had to wait evidently to do this until the age that he is now--I don't plan on doin' that.

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    DC:(Facing camera) That's a man I know and like very much, Bobby Darin, who happens to be a show business personality.

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