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BD Your PC !!

 Bobby Darin

This page will feature utilities you can use on your Windows computer.

Samples of Bobby Wallpaper. (Submitted by Senga) Please email Senga ( use "Bobby Wallpaper" in your subject line and she will email you direct the ones you pick! Thank you Senga!

SOUNDS for AOL Users:

Tired of the regular AOL Sounds? Here are some short Bobby sounds to replace them, if you choose.

NOTE: These have been tested on AOL 5.0 and work. When downloading save to your AOL folder. Caution: This
will overwrite the default AOL sounds, so you may want to save the original AOL sounds in another folder in case
you want them back.

WELCOME (Bobby's "You just met the computer!")

YOU GOT MAIL (Bobby's "We gotta letter!")

GOODBYE (Bobby's "Goodbye Charlie, goodbye!")

I have had some requests for MAC utilities,
but I do not own a working Mac and am unable to make these.

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