Dick Clark Interviews Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin appeared on Dick Clark's Beechnut Show on June 11, 1960.
Bobby sang (lipsynced) "I'll Be There" and "Bill Bailey".
In between the tunes, Dick chatted with him. Below is the interview.


    (Cheers and applause from audience)

    Dick Clark: Nice to have you back again!

    Bobby Darin: Richard, it's my pleasure..been away too long...

    DC: Robert, you have done now practically everything any show business personality has ever wanted to do...you've appeared in every major nightclub, you've been booked into
    Las Vegas ,you've traveled all over the world, you're going to make motion pictures...
    is there any thing left in your professional career now that you would like to see done
    or do you have a goal still?

    BD: Actually, because I haven't done a first feature length film in terms of acting part, Richard, I would naturally look forward to doing that, and secondly all the things I have
    done have to be done better by me, and that's the goal I have set.

    DC: So you never stop.

    BD: No.

    DC: What have you had to give up along the way?.... you've been so busy.

    BD: Well I've given up the chance to be with real close friends,because of my
    having to be on the road so constantly and... I've tried to keep in touch with them.

    DC: You have any time for yourself?

    BD: About a half hour a day...

    DC: Do you have any vacation time?

    BD: Not too much, although I did take a few weeks off in the beginning of January.

    DC: Do you play any golf?

    BD: I played a beautiful game, shot 165...

    DC: (Laughs) You shoulda seen the second nine holes !

    BD: If I can get my bowling score to match my golf score..I'll be in good shape then.

    DC: So there are still things then to be done by Bobby Darin in the time that you would
    like to have left...

    BD: I hope so, I'm only 24, Richard, and I gotta life yet to do things in.

    DC: You gotta lot of time and a lot of good luck.. can we flip this thing over?

    BD: You certainly may..

    DC: (Announces to audience) "Won't you come home Bill Bailey!"

    (Cheers and applause from audience)

Dick Clark, Fabian and Bobby in 1960

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