Dick Clark Interviews Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin appeared on Dick Clark's Beechnut Show on August 22, 1959.
Bobby sang (lipsynced) "Dream Lover." Dick chatted with him.

Below is the interview.

    Dick Clark: Hey Bob, where are you?

    Bobby Darin: Left stage.

    DC: Where did you go? There you are ... you sneaky, old devil.

    BD: Right before, they told us to come on from the other side.

    DC: Yes, I remember. I forgot ... I was worried about the "Sea of Love." I thought it
    went, uh, you know ... out to sea.

    BD: It did.

    DC: You know, we've talked a great deal about movies, and they tell me you are under contract to somebody. Who is it?

    BD: We just signed with Paramount about two weeks ago.

    DC: You looking forward to it?

    BD: I'm definitely looking forward to the first picture, yes.

    DC: You know, I thank you so much for coming tonight because I know you're flying out tonight. Back what ... about 3,000 miles, aren't you?

    BD: Back to Atlantic City, we open tomorrow.

    DC: At the Steel Pier?

    BD: The Steel Pier, six shows a day for seven days, good night!

    DC: Forty-two shows you're about to do?

    BD: Right.

    DC: Before you exhaust yourself, will you do me one more song?

    BD: Oh, I would love to. Which one would you like to hear?

    DC: Oh come on ... "Dream Lover" with Bobby Darin.

    Cheers and applause from audience.

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