The Oracle of Bobby Darin

It's Bobby's World....

(...we just live in it)

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Brad Pitt Angie Dickinson Andy Kaufman James Cagney Richard Pryor Ann-Margret John Belushi Clark Gable Jennifer Aniston Jean Stapleton Robert Redford Fred Astaire Bette Davis Kevin Bacon Alfred Hitchcock Lucille Ball George Clooney Frank Sinatra Humphrey Bogart Elvis Presley Susan Dey Shirley Temple Marilyn Monroe
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"My world would be a beautiful place ..."

It's true!
Bobby really IS the center of the universe!

Amaze your friends and astound your family by knowing Bobby connections to such movie stars
as Kevin Bacon, Gillian Anderson and John Travolta!

Connect the Darin dots!
This is an adapted version of the Oracle of Bacon (the most comprehensive Kevin Bacon game
on the web!) featuring Bobby Darin as the center of the Hollywood universe.

The object of the game is to start with any actor or actress who has been in a movie and connect
them to Bobby in the smallest number of links possible. Two people are linked if they've been
in a movie together. The Oracle does not consider links through television shows,
made-for-tv movies, writers, producers, directors, etc.

For example, you might wonder how the X-Files' Gillian Anderson can be connected to
Bobby Darin.

One answer is that:

Gillian Anderson was in "Mighty, The" (1998) with Kieran Culkin
Kieran Culkin was in "Music of the Heart" (1999) with Cloris Leachman
Cloris Leachman was in "Happy Mother's Day, Love George" (1973) with Bobby Darin

SO.... Gillian Anderson has a Bobby Darin number of 3.

The Oracle counts how many links were necessary after it searches and assigns the actor or
actress a Bobby number. In the example above, Gillian Anderson has a Bobby number
of 3. The Oracle uses the data from the Internet Movie Database and can give you the shortest
path from every actor and actress that can be connected to Bobby Darin.

Play the Game !!!

Enter the name of an actor or actress to link to Bobby Darin:
For example Elvis Presley or Robert De Niro or Sarah Jessica Parker . . . ANYBODY!

THANKS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This game consists of a cgi-script which searches the Internet Movie Data Base.
It is based on "The Oracle Of Kevin Bacon" game. (Also known as "The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.") Thank you
toThe University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science Department of Computer Science for letting
me use their server and CGI-script for this game.
(More information can also be found here.)

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