Bobby Darin and Dion

Dion & Bobby
Photo courtesy of Harriet Wasser.

Fellow teen idol Dion DiMucci was quoted in the As Long As I'm Singing: The Bobby Darin Collection booklet as saying:

"I first met Bobby Darin in 1958, the day we started our first tour together. "Splish Splash" was riding high on the charts. He had just came from his Army physical and told me about having a rheumatic heart since childhood. Bobby knew he probably would never be drafted and would probably never live to see his 27th birthday.

Bobby said he had a lot to accomplish and was in a hurry. His desire to achieve took him ten years beyond his own expectations. He was a music lover -- Ray Charles, Johnny Mercer, Tim Hardin. He took from the best, but when it came out, it was pure Darin.

He was an original. He was great to be around.

I miss him."

Visit Dion's website here.

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