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(past and present) who play Bobby's music!

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Bobby Gives Back to DJs

Bobby gave 100s of these unusual calendars to DJs.

Norman Scott was a successful club DJ in the early 1960s.
He did free lance writing for a girl's UK teen magazine called, Valentine,
giving him backstage access to many celebrities of the time.
When Bobby visited the UK in 1960, with Duane Eddy and Clyde McPhatter,
Norman met Bobby backstage for a chat and this photo.

(Photo courtesy of Norman Scott.)

    Jen & Sooz Jazz Mix Up - Sunday evenings 8pm-10pm on Meridian 107FM a "mix of upbeat & smooth Jazz &
    Swing from the UK" 3pm-5pmEST (in the USA) They play Bobby's "The Curtain Falls" as their closer for every
    show! Thank you!

    Tune in Friday and Saturday nites to Jim Britt's program "CRUISING DOWN MEMORY LANE" at WANY
    100.9FM in Albany KY. Jim says he gets requests for Bobby's songs, the most requested are "Dream Lover"
    and "Things."

    Thanks to Jim Britt for this information!

    Recognized by The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and New York's longest-running air personality, Pat St.John plays
    Bobby Darin on every single show he does on Channel 5 on SiriusXM mornings Tuesday through Friday (50s on 5 plays rock'n'roll from the mid-50's and the early 60's). In addition to his weekend show on WCBS FM (101.1), Pat
    has been with SiriusXM Satellite Radio for well over a decade and is a major supporter and fan of Bobby's.

    DJ Chris Edwards continues to play Bobby Darin on KYA Radio in San Francisco, California. In August, 2007 he broadcasted a Bobby Darin feature on his live broadcast. In October, 2006 he hosted "The Bobby Show" featuring
    an evening of Bobby's songs. And in May 2011, to celebrate Bobby's 75th birthday, Edwards will host a special
    tribute to Bobby.

    Thanks to Maura Pape for this information!

    Baltimore New Radio features weekly themed programs, including one called "In the Spotlight." Mary Anne Barothy, Public Relations Manager, BNR told us on February 21, 2011 from 3pm-3pm EST Bobby and his music will be showcased.

    BNR is a radio station, which streams over the Internet. They air great music from the 40's, 50's and 60's as well as terrific sounds from great jazz legends.

    Mary Anne states, "On December 12th we had a 3 hour "Birthday Tribute to Connie Francis" and played some of Bobby's music. During our interview with Connie, she spoke about her love for Bobby and his great talent. Yes, Baltimore Net Radio loves Bobby's music and wanted to let you know your friends and fans can tune in and enjoy."

    Thanks to Mary Anne Barothy for this information!

    Rudy Sheptock hosts a morning show called "Rudy in the Morning" in Wildwood, NJ on Oldies Radio 94.3 WILW.
    His show airs Monday through Friday from 7:00-10:00 am. The station is a blast from the past emphasizing personality and heart over marketing and charts. They play the whole Bobby Darin catalogue and not just the same few records over and over again.


    Thanks to Jimmy & Rudy for this information!
    (And thanks to Joy, Connie,Vicki, Laura, Susan & Amanda for requesting songs.)

    There is an online radio station that is SO GREAT and they play a lot of Bobby's music. Their website is Martini in the Morning. You'll love the station. (I credit them for fueling my interest in Bobby's music.)

    Also, on Sirius Satellite Radio, Bobby's music is featured daily, and it is also frequently featured on Nancy Sinatra's show "Nancy For Frank."

    I have a portable XM radio that I listen to at work, and I usually hear Bobby several times a day on the High Standards (used to be "Frank's Place"), the 50's and sometimes on the 60's channel.

    Thanks to Leigh Ann Sanders for this information!

    WOLT 103.3 FM out of Greenville, SC has a show called "Beach Bob Oldies" that sometimes plays BD music.

    Thanks to Mandy Turner for this information!

    Music lovers in more than a dozen states along the Eastern Seaboard in the 1950s tuned in to “the Sound of the Hound,” George (“Hound Dog”) Lorenz, who broadcast on 50,000- watt WKBW in Buffalo, New York. Lorenz began
    in Buffalo radio in the late 1940s; in 1953 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where the Hound Dog went up against the
    King of the Moon Doggers, Alan Freed. Freed moved on to New York City, but Lorenz returned to Buffalo and became an institution on the “Big KB.” He often did his show from the Club Zanzibar, a nightclub with a predominantly African-American clientele; there he hosted visiting artists such as Little Richard, who credited Lorenz with being one of the
    first white deejays to carry black music all over the United States.

    I am so excited! I just discovered that KJUL is on the internet! When we are in Vegas, this is the station we listen to because they have always played LOTS of Bobby.

    Thanks to Jane Penny for this information!

    Big Band Saturday Night in Tulsa features Bobby Darin!! This broadcast is on Tulsa's extremely popular voice of NPR for northeastern Oklahoma. In 2012, BBSN enters it's 18th year on the air. You can catch BBSN Saturday evenings on KWGS, 89.5 FM, from 8 to 10 p.m. It can also be accessed online. "Tune us in every Saturday night where Bobby Darin will ALWAYS HAVE a special role!"

    Thanks to Alan Lambert for this information.

    DJ Dana Daniels plays quite a bit of Bobby on Red 104.1 out of St. Louis, Missouri. Plus, Bobby is in several of the commercials that are aired frequently on this station. Their slogan is "Music with Class." From their website, you can listen to their LIVE broadcast, submit song requests and send emails to the DJ.

    Thanks to Floyd and Kristin Tapia for this information!

    The Breeze plays Bobby's music. "Dream Lover" is the one I heard most recently and "Beyond the Sea." BTW, I
    adore your site. Bobby Darin was always part of the soundtrack of my life and I knew a little about him, but I'm so
    glad to have discovered so much more, thanks to your work. So, thank you for all you do.

    Thanks to Pam Riesmeyer (former radio news
    anchor-12 years in Chicago at WMAQ-AM) for this information!

    Joyce Conroy hosts Oldies Block Party heard Sundays from 1 - 3 p.m. on WHFC 91.1 FM. Joyce plays many of Bobby's songs that you don't hear on commercial radio like "If a Man Answers" and Bobby's version of "Hello Dolly." WHFC is on the air 24/7 and they also stream on the Internet at www.whfc911.org.

    WRLL-AM CHICAGO. All the jocks on this station (an all-star lineup from the Top 40 era of Chicago radio) play
    Bobby's music. You can listen on the Web.

    Thanks to Benson for this information!

    Stuart Weiss plays Bobby on his weekly oldies show! Tune into The Pop Shoppe from 7:00pm until 1:00am (Eastern) every Friday night at www.topshelfoldies.com.

    Kevin Conway the host of Sinatra and Co on public radio KUNR FM in Reno plays Bobby almost weekly.

    Thanks to Kevin and Gayle Conway for this information!

    Ben Benedetti from radio station WTUX AM 1550 in Madison, WI, frequently airs Bobby Darin's work on his Sunday's Four hour Big Band-Small Combo Jazz program. Bobby Darin fits the bill beautifully. He's very much appreciated and requested by Ben's listening audience!!!!

    On Sunday, December 8th, 2004 the music of Bobby Darin was to be featured on WBAI's radio program, Everything Old Is New. It aired 9 - 11 pm ET. The show is hosted by David Kenney and is found at 99.5 FM from New York City. The station is also on the Net so you can listen to the program from your computers! The website is here. Thanks David!

    Thanks to Pat Zimmer for this information!

    Jonathan Schwartz, musical director of Satellite XM 73 radio Frank's Place plays a TON of Bobby Darin. Jonathan
    has a show on WNYC where he plays Bobby Darin on that as well.

    Thanks to Nicolas for this information!

    Christa Wessel, a DJ at WXDU-Durham 88.7 FM, Duke University's Community Radio Station, hosts a program
    called Divaville. She plays a lot of Bobby Darin music! Divaville is a "swellegant" evening of music which airs every Thursday evening from 6 - 8 pm (ET). Divaville features jazz vocalists from the 1930s-1960s with a few aberrations thrown in to keep you on your toes!

    "Wild" Wayne Jones hosts New England's longest running oldies radio program called The Rock n' Roll Memory Machine on WWUH 91.3 FM in Hartford, CT.

    Bobby Darin's music has been and still is an important part of the format of the show. It airs Sunday evenings from
    6pm - 8pm EST.

    Dodd Darin was Wayne's guest by phone for two hours when his book Dream Lovers first came out. In his collection, Wayne has a personal note sent to him from Bobby in 1971 in response to a get well card sent after one of his hospitalizations.

    Thanks to Wayne for sharing this information!

    WMNI 920 AM in Columbus, Ohio, often plays Bobby Darin's music. The station's slogan is "great songs-great memories."

    Thanks to John Contonio for this information!

    Andy Cameron is a DJ with Clyde 2 1152, which is broadcast in Scotland. Andy is a big Bobby Darin fan and plays
    a lot of BD tunes. It's on the air at noon every Sunday.

    Thanks to Swinneysathome for this information!

    B. R. Anthony of WBWC FM 88.3 in the Cleveland, Ohio, area plays Bobby Darin records on his Sunday Night
    program called The Golden Age of Rock & Roll. This show has been on the air for an impressive 30 yrs. Bobby's
    rock tunes are primarily played.

    Visit the WBWC FM 88.3 website to listen online!

    Thanks to Tony DiTullio for this information!

    New York's WCBS-FM 100.1 plays a lot of Bobby Darin tunes. The station recently had their countdown of the Top 1,001 Songs of the Century and Bobby's "Mack the Knife" topped the list.

    Also, Bobby's "Dream Lover" came in at #185, "Splish Splash" was #285, "Beyond the Sea" was #584 and Bobby's "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" came in at #58 on their Christmas countdown.

    Thanks to James and Christine for this information!

    Saturday Night at the Oldies with John Millinder is America's coast-to-coast request oldies show, playing a lot of
    Darin tunes. Now beginning its 8th year, Saturday Night at the Oldies is heard on more than 140 radio stations
    coast-to-coast on Jones Radio Network. The program airs live via satellite every Saturday night 7pm-Midnight ET.

    Also on Jones Radio Network is Dave's Diner which airs weeknights coast to coast, serving nothing but the best in oldies, including Bobby's music. Larry Nelson and Dennis Harrington are among the daytime jocks at Jones Radio Network who spin Bobby's music.

    KUKU Oldies 100 in Willow Springs, Missouri, serves the West Plains/Willow Springs/Houston/Cabool/Mountain
    View area, playing nothing but oldies, especially during the mornings by DJ Gary Lee. Bobby's music is featured regularly. Oldies 100 is a part of The Ozarks Radio Network.

    WBIG-FM, 100.3 out of Washington, DC, plays oldies, more oldies and nothing but oldies. They will play any Bobby Darin song you want to hear. The station has an annual 500 best, as voted by the listeners, played over the 4th of
    July weekend. No. 6 this year was Bobby's "Mack the Knife."

    Thanks to Mike Valeur for this information!

    WFVA 1230 AM in Fredericksburg, VA, plays a lot of Bobby Darin and well as a nice mix of standards, oldies and big band. Scroll down to "AM Stations" on that link to read about WFVA. The station can be heard on 95 south between Washington, DC, and Richmond, VA. WFVA dates back to 1939 and is one of the oldest radio stations in Virginia.

    Thanks to Pam Decatur for this information!

    WROR Retro Oldies Radio, an online radio station, plays a lot of Bobby Darin music as well as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., Herb Alpert, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Spike Jones and
    many more.

    Thanks to Bridget Murphy for this information!

    Legendary DJ, Dick Biondi, of 104.3 Oldies WJMK in Chicago plays Bobby's songs. He's on at 8pm until midnight weeknights, 2-6pm on Saturdays and at 10pm until midnight on Sundays. The station's format is oldies from the 50s thru the 70s, but better than this is Dick's great admiration and respect of Bobby stemming from way back. Dick said he's currently playing "Mack the Knife," "Beyond the Sea," "Splish Splash," and "Dream Lover."

    Lorraine Boyce, who used to work for Dick as his secretary in 1961-63 while he was at WLS in Chicago, recently shared what Dick said about Bobby.

    "Bobby was the most honest and nicest "star" I ever met or worked with. He did record hops for me in Youngstown before he had any big hits. When I came to Chicago from Buffalo, my wife stayed behind in Buffalo to tie up the loose ends of making the move. Bobby was doing a show with my friend, DJ Art Roberts, in Buffalo at the time.

    I was in an accident in Chicago and ended up in the emergency room. My wife was very shaken up upon hearing this. Bobby delayed his show 45 minutes until he knew my wife was okay. He sent me medals from the Vatican, telegrams from Australia, and never once refused to answer my calls."

    Thank you, Lorraine Boyce, for sharing this information!
    (Note: Check out this tribute to WLS radio.)

    From Bobby Darin fan James Boyd:

    "I'm from the UK and I was driving from my home back up to Edinburgh last night and happened to tune into BBC
    Radio 2. The DJ, David Jacobs, was discussing Irving Berlin's refusal to sell his song "Always" to a film producer, saying that he wanted to keep it for a future project. David then played Bobby Darin's rendition of "Always" and told
    of the time that Bobby was in the UK filming Jukebox Jury.

    He recalled that he was walking along Saville Row on one side of the street and Bobby was on the other. Bobby
    then proceeded to put two fingers in his mouth and whistle to get David's attention, then waved. David was startled
    but pleased that Bobby had acknowledged him.

    He then commented that he had always found Bobby to be a marvelous person and enjoyed the times that he met him."

    Thank you, James Boyd, for sharing this information!

    WVNJ - 1160 AM in Teaneck, NJ, The Station of the Stars plays the songs you know from the stars who made them famous ... including Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis, Jr.,
    Dean Martin, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Andy Williams, Glenn Miller, Rosemary Clooney, Harry Connick, Jr., Benny Goodman and Barbra Streisand ... ”America’s Best Music”!

    Thanks to Bridget Murphy for this information!

    KABL 960 AM in San Francisco plays Bobby Darin often ("Beyond the Sea," "Mack the Knife," "Artificial Flowers")
    as well as lots of what their tag-line calls "America's Best Music." Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald are among their other featured artists.

    Thanks to Maria Taylor for this information!

    The cool people at WMKJ-FM MAJIC 105 in Lexington, KY, love Bobby Darin and his music. Drew Thomas, program director (and official beer taster) and the night jock, Abbey Road, are big fans. Drew thinks "Mack the Knife" is one of the coolest and hippest songs EVER written or performed. He also believes Bobby Darin will live on forever as long
    as oldies radio exists.

    On December 17, 2000, Kool 101.9 FM paid tribute to Bobby Darin making him the featured artist on Sunday Morning Memories with Ronnie Rush. The station is based in Sacramento, CA.

    KLAC in LA plays a lot of BD. One of the DJs, Johnny Magnus, must have been a friend of Bobby's because EVERY time he plays BD, he always calls him "one of the greatest entertainers of the century!"

    Once, he played "As Long As I'm Singing," and after it ended, he said something to the effect of "As long as you're singing up in heaven, my friend, I know everything's going to be okay!"

    Joe Daniels is the morning DJ Monday-Friday, and he always plays BD.

    Thanks to Lorraine LoBianco for this information!

    Listen to Lise Avery's fabulous radio program Anything Goes!! which features all the great music we love from the
    40s, 50s and 60s. Lise is a friend of Harriet Wasser and a true Bobby Darin fan, featuring his music regularly.

    Anything Goes!! is on Monday mornings on listener-supported WFDU FM from 9am to 1pm ET in New York. Lise is
    the hostess as well as producer of the program, which is currently being produced for national distribution. You can
    also spend your Saturday and Wednesday evenings with Lise on Jukebox Radio on Saturdays 10-11pm ET and Wednesdays 9-10pm ET on 103.1 FM (NYC Area and NJ), 94.3 FM (Rockland County, NY) and 99.7 FM (Greater Hudson Valley, NY.)

    If you don't live in New York, you can still enjoy Anything Goes!! via streaming audio on the Internet by visiting Lise Avery's website.

    A talented beauty, Lise's voice has also been heard in video news releases, recorded books, documentaries and commercials. She is also an accomplished cabaret performer and actress. Lise is planning, in conjunction with
    Harriet Wasser, a tribute to Bobby on the upcoming anniversary of his death in December.

    Check out The Music of Your Life a nationally syndicated radio network, which plays adult standards 24 hours a day,
    7 days a week. Bobby's music is featured as well as other artists like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Nat "King" Cole, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

    Music of Your Life is on-the-air in markets such as Los Angeles/Riverside, Washington DC, Dallas, Cleveland,
    Phoenix, Tampa/St.Pete, Charleston, Ft. Myers, and Orlando, among others. You can also tune in to the station
    on the Internet via their website.

    Brad Patton of WNAK ("Radio 73 ... The way radio was meant to be.") in Northeastern PA enjoys playing lots of
    Bobby Darin on the air, such as: "Lovin' You," "Multiplication," "Rainin'," ("Rainin," by the way, came from the station's original mono copy of Bobby Darin Sings the Shadow of Your Smile, not from CD.)

    Also on their playlist is "18 Yellow Roses," "Artificial Flowers," "Bill Bailey," "Dream Lover," "Beyond the Sea," "Mack
    the Knife," "Sunday in New York," (Brad was responsible for getting that on the air) and "You're the Reason I'm Living."

    Great going, Brad!

    Be sure to tune into to this great Internet radio show at M-PAK Productions.com on Tuesday nights at 8pm ET for 4 hours of non-stop Oldies!!! Hosted by Paul Allen from Clifton NJ, this is something new we should all enjoy.

    Based in Garden City, NY and also streamed online, listen to Michael Anthony. Anthony hosts The Unforgettables,
    an outstanding radio program on WHPC.

    His three hour program, which is broadcasted each Saturday night, spotlights classic pop and jazz artists. In addition, Anthony has interviewed more than 100 artists on the air, including Darin associate, Harriet Wasser.

    Anthony became interested in rock and roll at a very early age. His eventual love for Bobby Darin led him to seek out the music he prominently features on his show.

    He also hosted the New York Sheet Music Society's tribute to Bobby, attended the Songwriters' Hall of Fame
    ceremony and was interviewed during the PBS Beyond the Song pledge drive on WLIW in New York.

    WGEL Radio FM 101.7 in Greenville IL is the home of John Goldsmith and "The Goldie's Oldies Show." John has
    been a wealth of information for this site by supplying articles and information about Bobby. He also has had the
    honor of meeting and interviewing Dodd Darin and producing a wonderful tribute to Bobby on the radio. If you live In
    the Greenville area, be sure to listen to his program.

    Welcome to Treasure Island! Join your host Michael Godin, broadcasting live from Canada every Sunday 8pm to Midnight CDT on your computer by way of Real Audio for four hours of almost commercial free oldies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s in stereo.

    He also takes requests by e-mail and kindly mentioned this site on the air. Michael's personality really shines on this program and you will enjoy listening to him.

    For a variety of great music from the 30s to the 70s and interviews listen to Wayne Glenn, "The Old Record Collector" on KTXR-FM, The Gentle Giant, 101.3, from Springfield, MO.

    Wayne, a native of the Ozarks, broadcasts live Saturday mornings 6am to 1pm CDT and Sunday nights 6:30pm to 10pm CDT (unless pre-empted for Cardinals baseball, of course!) and can be heard on Real Audio.

    Wayne takes requests by snail mail and is very attentive to his listener's needs. He has weekly trivia contests and features Bobby's music regularly. Wayne also lives up to his name "The Old Record Collector" by frequenting record shows and flea markets in the Southwest Missouri area. I have met Wayne, and I am proud to have him represent
    my area in radioland.

    I was happy to find Radio legend Bud Buschardt on the Internet. Bud, who has a very impressive list of credits, has hosted local radio in Dallas, namely "57 Nostalgia place" on WFAA-AM in 1974, where I cut my teeth on oldies music on the radio.

    He is now Program Director of ABC radio's STARDUST format, which is broadcast in different areas all over the country. This program features music from the 1940s-70s, including Bobby's.

    Be sure to listen to Eddie Hubbard, also on the STARDUST format, and visit his impressive website. His program features beautiful music (including Bobby's) plus lots of other interactive and entertaining features. Eddie is on the
    air Monday-Friday 3pm to 8pm CDT.

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