Bobby Darin and Ahmet Ertegun

The Atlantic Brain Trust
Jerry Wexler, Neshui Ertegun, Bobby Darin and Ahmet Ertegun

Ahmet Ertegun was founder of Atco records where Bobby Darin first found success in recording. Ertegun was quoted as saying in the recent PBS documentary "Bobby Darin: Beyond The Song" about Darin, "When I first saw him perform I thought ... he's got it in his blood, there was no denying it ..." Following Bobby's success with "Splish Splash" Ertegun said, "(Bobby) became not only a great singer but a great showman, whenever he appeared he did much more than the average rock and roll singer. "

Ertegun was quoted in 16 Magazine in the early 1960's saying:

"The first thing that impressed me about Bobby when I met him five years ago was how fantastically intelligent he was. He was totally knowledgeable on twenty different subjects. He was also deeply aware of the pulse of the music field at the time. He wanted to cut for the kids, and he knew what they would buy. He has always cut records that he felt with all his heart and soul. He's one of the few 'pop' talents who knows how to use the rhythm and blues roots of the most popular music. I think Bobby is one of the most intriguing personalities I've ever encountered."

Ertegun was asked once about his proudest Grammy moment to which he replied: "Watching Bobby Darin win Record of the Year for "Mack the Knife," which I produced."

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