"Who Wants to Be a Darin Expert?"

10 questions to test your Darin intellect!


"What was Bobby's brand of after shave?"

A.Brut B.Aqua Velva
C.Old Spice D.Jovan's Musk Oil

In the last few months there has been a lot of excitement over the new ABC game show
"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
Now YOU can try your hand at the online game!

"Who Wants to Be a Darin Expert!!?"

System requirements: The game uses Wav files, Real Audio and some java script. It should be compatible
with all Windows 95/98 based computers.

Some background music downloads with the question pages so be warned. The answer pages contain linked text that, if you
desire to hear them, when clicked on pop up sound files of Mr. Darin and others that will download in another window.
(I did this for the sake of speed in download time of the pages, which have graphics.
Apologies to Web TV users, as these sound files may not work for you.)

Works best on Netscape 4.6 or higher and IE 4.0 or higher.
(Be sure and close the Real Audio player when you are finished with it, so the wavs will be able to play on later questions.)

To play just click on the answer you think is right. Regis will ask you if this is your final answer. After selecting your
final answer you will find out if you are right. If you are wrong, the game is over for you.
(Or you can click on your back button and try again.)

This quiz is just for fun. No prizes are awarded. Even if you get a question wrong, which is unlikely, that does not mean
you are not an expert on Bobby Darin. (Did I say it's just for fun?) You may even have fun if you pick the wrong answer.

So let's get started with ...

"Who Wants to Be a Darin Expert?"

Go to question one!!!

Be sure and visit ABCs official "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" website.  All images of Regis Philbin and sounds from the WWTBAM game property of ABC.  
Some sounds and images property of The Bobby Darin estate.  Other sounds & images property of their respective owners.
No challenge to ownership is implied.

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