The Day Bobby Darin Came to Town

Barbara and Bobby

This article appeared in the September 1960 issue of 16 Magazine.
It was written by Barbara Arrow who was the president of Bobby's International Fan club.

Bobby Darin was coming to St. Louis! And as if that weren't enough--I was going to meet him! Now, after two years of hard work (labor of love though it be), I was going to meet my idol.

When I was 15, I heard Bobby Darin's records for the first time, then I saw him on TV. Like so many teenagers, I thought he had something special that placed him apart from all the others. It didn't take long for me to fall under his spell.

Naturally, the first thing I did was write to ATCO records requesting information about joining his fan club. Soon, I got a note from Bobby's secretary, Harriet Wasser, explaining that Bobby's various fan clubs were still being organized. I wrote to Harriet immediately asking if I could start a Bobby Darin Fan Club.

My club members and I watched Bobby grow from a comparatively unknown rock and roll singer to become the biggest young star in show business today. It was a long, hard pull for Bobby, starting for him at the age of nine. No one knows better than I that Bobby deeply deserves every alocade given to him.

The night of his opening at Chase's in St.Louis, I was nervous as a cat. Mom and Dad and I arrived early for the first show on opening night. I sent a note to Bobby's dressing room telling him we were outside. Finally the show started. After Bobby had done three songs, I suddenly heard him saying,

"Ladies and gentlemen, there is a young lady here tonight who I am very anxious to meet--and I'm sure that all of you would like to meet her too, I want to meet her because of all the wonderful things she has done for me during the past two years, and I want you to meet her because she is such a fine young lady.Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to Barbara Arrow, the president of my International fan club."

I sat there dumbfounded for a moment listening to the people clap. Mom nudged me and I stood up. Bobby smiled at me and blew a kiss my way. I had never been more thrilled in my life.

The head waiter came to our table right after the show and told us Bobby wanted to see us in the dressing room. When we walked in, Bobby was sitting there in a white t-shirt and tight black slacks. He was so friendly and sincere. I felt as though I had known him for a long time.

We sat around talking for about an hour, then excused ourselves. When we left, Bobby said "Barbara, I want you and your folks to come here every single night for this two -week engagement as my guests."

Aside from visiting Bobby every night while he was in St. Louis, I saw him often during the day, as we were asked to do many TV and radio interviews together. Through his schedule was incredibly heavy, Bobby was always willing, patient and thoughtful.

On the last night of the show, I visited Bobby in his dressing room just before he went on. When I tried to thank him for my glorious two weeks, he said simply,

"You can't ever thank me for anything, Barbara. I'll never be able to repay you for your work, interest and help. There just isn't anyway to thank people for things which come from the heart."

That night when I got home and was going through my mail, I came across this letter:

Dear Miss Arrow:

Even though I am a grandmother of seven , have one greatgrandchild,
and will never see 70 again--I want to join the Bobby Darin Fan Club.
I recognize talent when I see it, and Bobby has more than his share.
You know what I mean?

Thank you,
Mrs. Carl Pulford

Yes, Mrs. Pulford. I know what you mean.

Bobby and Barbara
(Thanks to Harriet Wasser for the above picture)

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