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"An actors life for me ..."


Bobby as Fagin (from Oliver!) in his TV special The Darin Invasion


  • SHADOWS (1959) Bobby had an uncredited cameo in this John Cassavetes directed film. (Thanks to Karin Grevelund for this information.)

  • PEPE (1960) Bobby had a cameo singing "That's How It Went Alright." (Commerically available on VHS.)

  • TALL STORY (1960) Bobby sang the theme over the opening credits, but does not appear in the film. (Commerically available on DVD.)

  • COME SEPTEMBER (1961) Bobby co-starred with his future wife Sandra Dee in this romantic comedy, which also starred Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida. He sang "Multiplication" (which he wrote) and composed the theme. (Commerically available on DVD May 2003.)

  • TOO LATE BLUES (1962) A dark drama starring Bobby and Stella Stevens. Produced, written and directed by John Cassavetes. (Commerically available on DVD May 2012.) (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)

  • STATE FAIR (1962) Bobby co-starred in the remake of the musical with Pamela Tiffin, Ann-Margret and Pat Boone. He sings "This Isn't Heaven" and "It's a Grand Night for Singing." (Commerically available on DVD. Also available on DVD, on the "60th Anniversary Edition.")

  • HELL IS FOR HEROES (1962) Bobby co-starred with Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Fess Parker in this war drama. (Commerically available on DVD)

  • PRESSURE POINT (1962) Bobby gave an excellent performance in this drama (earning a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Male Newcomer) which co-starred Sidney Poitier. (Commerically available on DVD)

  • IF A MAN ANSWERS (1962) The second Darin/Dee film. In this romantic comedy Bobby wrote the theme (which he sings over the credits) and love theme. (Commerically available on DVD)

  • CAPTAIN NEWMAN M.D. (1963) Bobby received a well deserved Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role of Corp. Jim Tompkins. This dramatic film stars Gregory Peck, Angie Dickinson and Larry Storch. (Commerically available on DVD) A 2013 screening here.

  • THE LIVELY SET (1964) Bobby wrote the score for this film, but does not star in it.

  • THAT FUNNY FEELING (1965) The third and final Darin/Dee film. Bobby also wrote the theme which he sings over the opening and closing credits in this romantic comedy. (Commerically available on DVD)

  • THAT DARN CAT (1965) Bobby sang the theme over opening credits in the original Disney version of this film. (Commerically available on DVD)

  • GUNFIGHT IN ABILENE (1967) Bobby's only Western. He also wrote the theme which he sings over the opening credits. (Commerically available on DVD)

  • COP OUT (1967/1968) Bobby starred in this drama with James Mason and Geraldine Chaplin. This film is also known as "A Stranger in the House."

  • THE HAPPY ENDING (1969) Billed as Robert Darin, Bobby starred in this drama with Shirley Jones, Lloyd Bridges and Jean Simmons. (Commerically available on VHS)

  • THE VENDORS (1970) Bobby wrote, directed and produced this film which starred Richard Bakalyan, Gary Wood, Dick Lord and Mariette Hartley. It was never released.

  • HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY LOVE GEORGE (1973) His final film. Bobby starred in this drama with Cloris Leachman and Ron Howard. Also known as Run Stranger Run. (Commerically available on VHS)

NOTE: It has been reported on several online websites selling movies that Bobby appeared in Please Don't Eat the Daisies,
The Sad Sack
and Heller in Pink Tights, and that he sang and/or wrote the theme in the film Wait Until Dark.

These appearances have never been reported in any book about Bobby and this appears to be false information.


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