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The Story:

Joan Howell stoops to fix her stocking and collides with Tom Milford. After which, Tom walks smack into Officer Brokaw. Joan enters a nearby brownstown and uses her key to open the apartment labeled "Milford." There she changes into a smock and slippers, hangs a card on the door, "Maid To Order--Apartment serviced by Joan Howell" and cleans up the place.

At Granson Publishing Tom's boss, Harvey Granson, who is hiding his expensive paintings with Tom pending a divorce settlement, assigns playboy Tom to go to California for ten days.

Aspiring to be actresses, Joan and Audrey share a tiny apartment in the village. They work as cleaning maids to support themselves. Luther, a method actor type, is their neighbor. Joan tries to remain optimistic about her future, when Audrey talks about their dismal surroundings.

The next day, as Joan is enroute to clean up the Milford apartment, Tom trips on her hatbox at the corner newsstand. She is not too pleased about meeting him again. When Joan arrives at the apartment, she finds a note to discontinue services for 10 days as Milford will be away.

That evening two cabs collide, and their drivers berate each other. Tom is the passenger in one cab and Joan in the other. They decide they were meant to meet. The couple go to a bar where Tom asks questions about Joans profession. She is rather vague about what she does for a living. When Tom insists on escorting her home, she heads for HIS apartment. She points to the nameplate saying she is Joan Milford. Baffled, Tom says he is Tom Baffle -- and goes to stay at Harvey's penthouse.

So Joan moves in and Audrey joins her in the luxury. Joan has more dates with Tom and she continues to pretend to live at the Milford apartment, unaware that Tom Baffle is really Tom Milford. On their next date, Tom and Joan go to the same bar and Tom, plays along with her game, but is interested in his apartment and the future of Harvey's paintings. He asks her about them, under the guise of being an interior decorator. Joan says she may throw "her" paintings out, but Tom urges her not to. After the date, Joan wants to see Tom's apartment, to avoid going to "her" apartment again. He takes her to Harvey's, his bosses apartment.

Harvey walks in as Tom and Joan are kissing. He is tired and not at all pleased they are there. But, when Tom tells him privately of the possible future of his paintings, and asks for a little more time to find out how Joan got his apartment, Harvey lets Tom proceed with his plan and goes to a hotel. Soon after that, Tom takes a tipsy Joan "home."

When Joan feels she cannot keep Tom from "her" apartment any longer, she takes Mr Milford's clothes to pawnbroker O'Shea. Mr. O'Shea gets the impression Joan is an unwed mother. Joan tells him that is not true, but he doesn't believe her. She asks him not to sell the clothes causing Mr. O'Shea to think she believes her "husband" will come back.

With the money realized, Joan and Audrey feminize Tom's apartment. Among other things, they replace Harvey's fine oil paintings with cheap prints. Tom is shocked at the transformation, but still does not reveal his identity. After another date, the couple run into some of Tom's friends, who want to go to his apartment. When Tom makes up another excuse why they can't, Joan tells them they can go to "her" place. The party winds up at Harvey's, who stays in his bedroom, very upset about his paintings.

Joan begins to have serious feelings about Tom and makes him a duck dinner, with the assistance of Audrey. When they burn the duck Joan goes to a restaurant to buy one. While she is gone, Tom arrives and looks through the apartment to see what he can find out. He finds Joan's hatbox and realizes she is his maid. While he is there, the laundryman comes by. Tom, thinking his clothes are still in the closet, gives the man his pants to be pressed and cleaned. When he checks the closet, to his surprise, all his clothes are gone. When Joan rings the bell, Tom dressed in a woman's coat, and escapes through the back door.

He runs to a phone booth to call the cleaners, butting in front of a woman and stealing her dime. Tom has another run in with Officer Brokaw.

Tom has dinner with Joan and tells her nothing about the incident. She in turns tells him nothing about the burned duck. The couple talks about what each wants out of life. When Joan asks Tom what qualities he is looking for in a woman he tells her the most important quality is honesty. This makes her think about what she has been doing. She tells Tom she may be moving.

The next day, Tom asks Harvey for an extension on his 10 day leave, to resolve the situation with Joan. Meanwhile, Joan sadly removes the feminine things from the apartment, thinking the charade is almost over and she must move back home. But she receives a telegram from Mr. Milford's office saying he would be gone another week and a phone call from Tom, which quickly changes her mind.

The climax comes when jealousy rears its ugly head. Joan, in reclaiming Tom's suits from the pawnbroker, is shown a picture that Mr. O'Shea has taken from the pocket, and discovers that Milford really is Tom. So, she plans revenge.

When Joan and Audrey find Tom's card-file of girls they use it to invite the girls to a surprise party, dressed as girls of Paris Boulevards. Seeing the girls arrive in droves, Officer Brokaw sends for police reinforcements.

When all the women are assembled, demanding food, drink and men, Tom and Harvey arrive and are amazed at what they see. Harvey finds his paintings in a closet and leaves with them. The police arrest him first, then the party girls, then Joan, Tom and Audrey -- all protesting innocence. In the police van, Tom makes his peace with Joan, offering her permanent use of his apartment and name. "That," observes Audrey, "is a proposal."

Later, Tom and Joan return to the bar they have frequented before. Surprisingly, they run into Mr. O'Shea, who punches Tom out. But, love conquers all and Tom and Joan live happily ever after.


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