Bobby Darin


Bobby playing cards with actress Judi Meredith.

Bobby Darin, as well as being a very talented performer, was also a very intelligent
(IQ 137) and competitive individual. He was a lover of all kinds of games, including chess
and backgammon and would love to play board games with his first wife Sandra Dee. 

Although his rheumatic heart prevented him from participating in extremely rugged
sports, he did enjoy baseball and water sports such as swimming, fishing and boating.

As quoted by his long time friend and producer Nik Venet in 1995, Bobby Darin
would of "been into computers 5 years ago."

Below are some links to interactive computer games made for the site that pay tribute
to Mr. Darin (and they can be fun, too.)

Bobby playing backgammon with magazine editor Buddy Basch.

Bobby playing chess with Jose Ferrer.

Bobby playing cards with Cesar Romero.
(Thanks to Hannu Juurinen for this picture.)

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