BOBBY DARIN: My hates and loves

Bobby Darin

My Hates and Loves

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That Darin Doll

As told to 16 Magazine February, 1960.

Memo from Gloria Winters (editor of 16 magazine): Dynamic Bobby Darin is a young man with a definite purpose. He is determined to reach all the peaks in show business. He wants to be a better singer (if that's possible!) , to be a finer actor, to have his own TV show and to be an excellent dancer.

For anyone else this would be a large order, but for Bobby they are just a matter of time.They have been his goals ever since he can remember and he has worked toward them since he was 12.

When 16 asked him about his loves and hates, Bobby proved that he also has definite feelings in this department. He spoke frankly, pulling no punches...

    I HATE stupidity and prejudice. They actually go hand-in-hand.

    I HATE girls who overdo anything--make-up, jewelry, talking. Keep it simple and keep it quiet , please.

    I HATE the color pink, especially in home furnishings and decorations.

    I HATE people who volunteer their opinions and keep blabbing when your not interested.

    I HATE to be held down and cooped-up in anyway.

    I HATE writing letters by hand.

    I HATE profanity and vulgarity in any form.

    I HATE air conditioning.

    I HATE having to make unimportant conversation with supposedly important people.

    I HATE having to explain my actions to my friends who should understand me better than anyone else.

    I HATE people who won't stand up and fight for what they believe in.

    I HATE sloppiness and laziness.

    I HATE "snap" judgments. They usually turn out to be wrong.

    I HATE show-offs. Usually, they're untalented and insecure people who don't know how to express themselves.

    I HATE sourpusses. There is too much joy in the world for anyone to go around frowning.

    I HATE those who wait for life to come to them, who think the world owes them something and who make no effort to contribute.

    I HATE celebrity-happy people.

    I HATE routine and cut-and-dried living.

    I LOVE teenagers and I think they are often misunderstood and misrepresented.

    I LOVE the singing style of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

    I LOVE the singing sound of Sammy Davis and Peggy Lee.

    I LOVE Italian food, especially manicotto and spaghetti, the way my sister cooks it.

    I LOVE every part of show biz.

    I LOVE to relax by playing golf or fishing.

    I LOVE all kinds of music, and I really dig rock and roll.

    I LOVE funny things,funny people and laughter.

    I LOVE all kinds of animals and hope to have a veritable zoo of my own some day.

    I LOVE cuddly, feminine and understanding girls.

    I LOVE clothes--every kind! I'm a real clothes-bug, and I esspecially like beautifully tailored things.

    I LOVE cheesebugers and cokes.

    I LOVE simple gold jewelry and diamonds.

    I LOVE to spend a relaxed evening with my close friends.

    I LOVE the color green.

    I LOVE "sack time." I never seem to get enough sleep.

    I LOVE thoughtful and considerate people who are sensitive to the needs and desires of others and who try to be helpful.

    I LOVE to entertain well, to walk away feeling that I have done a good job.

    I LOVE all the kids and grown-ups who had faith in me and put me where I am today.I hope I'll always improve and that I will never fail them.

    I LOVE a natural and honest girl--one who doesn't mind me calling at the last minute for a date and won't pretend its improper to kiss on the first date.

    I LOVE children and hope to have many of my own one day. Most of all, I want a son.

    I LOVE big roomy rambling comfortable houses, with lots of trees around.

    I LOVE sincere,warm people who like me for myself.

    I LOVE to say exactly what I think and feel.

Bobby in his dressing room

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