BOBBY DARIN Answers 40 Intimate Questions

Bobby Darin

Answers 40 Intimate Questions

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As told to 16 Magazine March, 1960.

Last year is a year Bobby Darin will long remember. For it was in 1959 that he emerged from the ranks of the realatvely unknown to become one of the most exciting all-around stars in show business. Not only has Bobby made several great records and LPS but he has been featured on many TV shows--and may be the host of a show of his own. A movie has been tacked onto his busy agenda.

Bobby seldom has time to relax, but 16 was lucky enough to catch him at the home of his sister and her husband in Lake Hiawatha, N.J. This is one of few places where Bobby can sit down and talk without interruptions. It is a place he calls home.

When and where were you born?

"I was born in New York City on May 14, I am 22 years old."

What is your full name?

"Walden Robert Cassotto. Walden was my mother's maiden name. I made up Darin when I started in show business because it was simple and easy to remember."

As a little boy, what was your ambition?

"To be a singer and dancer in movies. I always dreamed of show business."

What is your ambition now?

"To tackle every single medium that exists in this game--and to be good at it."

Of all the songs you've sung, which do you like the best?

"'Through A Long And Sleepless Night'"--its on the LP 'That's All'"

How did you get started on the road to stardom?

"First I learned to play drums, then other instruments, then I wrote songs. I did some commercials, which are still being used. I reached stardom through a series of events, but it was mostly through hard work and the help of dee jays."

Who is your closest friend?

"Richard Behrke. We went to high school together. He studied piano to become my accompanist. I also consider Steve Blauner, my manager one of my closest friends."

Do you have a steady girl? Do you believe in going steady?

"When I possibly can, I try to see JoAnn Campbell, you could hardly call it 'steady', because we are apart so much. Going steady is a good idea--but it is strictly up to the individual."

How would you describe your dream girl?

"The girl that I marry will be my dream girl. It's just that simple."

Who was your first date and what did you so?

"I was in high school. I can't remember her name, but she was pretty. We went to the Senior Class party."

What do you prefer to do on dates?

"I like to relax and enjoy light entertainment--a movie, or dancing, or a small party."

Do you believe in kissing on the first date?


Do you like blind dates?

"Nope. I like to know with whom I'll spend my time--and have my eyes wide open!"

Do you like to tell a girl you like her as soon as you know it?

"Yes, I tell anyone I like them as soon as I know it."

Do you ever want to marry? When?

"Sure. I'd like to feel that I am really successful in my work first, and then settle down."

Do you want to have any children? How many?

"Of course, I do. I'd like to have two or three--especially a son."

Do you believe in teen marriages?

"Actually I don't think they are wise, but I think it is up to the individual."

Do you have a pet peeve?

"Yes--being interrupted during a meal. This really bugs me."

What kind of clothes do you enjoy wearing?

"Truthfully, a pair of levis and a sweater. I like to be comfortable. I love to wear my cowboy hat that was given to me by some Texans."

What is the most thrilling experience you have ever had?

"Well, I have had many, but two stand out in my mind. One was when I was sitting ringside at The Sands in Las Vegas and Sammy Davis Jr, introduced me to the audience and predicted a great future for me. The other was when 'Mack the Knife' became the number one song."

What are your favorite foods?

"I like many things. I love to try new, unusual dishes. I guess I'm a gourmet."

Who is your favorite actor? Actress? TV show?

"I like James Dean better than anyone else. I also enjoy character actors like Charles Laughton. Bette Davis is my favorite actress and I dig Alfred Hitchcock's TV show."

How do you like to see girls dressed?

"Simply, in good taste, with dainty jewelery--something ladylike. I'm a bug for neatness."

What do you do when your alone?

"I seldom am--but when I can, I like to sit down and listen to long hair music--Bach, Beethoven. I'm trying to compose some serious music."

Do you have a hobby?

"Not really. I enjoy photography and recently I started putting together radio sets--but none of them seem to work when I get through."

What sports do you enjoy?

"Golf and baseball. I just discovered deep-sea fishing. That's a ball!"

Do you have a favorite expression you use ?

"Yes--'Don't you know ?' I use it when I'm talking and sometimes when I'm singing."

Where do you plan to settle down?

"Probably on the West Coast. I am trying to design a house that will revolve around the sun. I want a pool thats half in and half out of the living room. I also want a huge aquarium and a aviary."

What kind of childhood did you have?

"I had a tough childhood. I felt left out and I was very poor, but I had domestic warmth. I was especially close to my mother."

What do you do when you have worries?

"I brood sometimes, but mostly I face them and try to solve them."

What do you think of your fans and admirers?

"I sometimes wonder what they see in me, but I'm glad they see it--I am very very grateful to them."

What advice would you give to ambitious young people today?

"Get a good education. Stick to your guns. When you decide what you want, work like a dog to get it."

Do you have any pets?

"Yes, a German Shepard named Geronimo, and I just got a black-and-white alley cat named Splish Splash. He has six toes on each front paw."

What kind of presents do you like to receive?

"Anything that shows thought."

What kind of preesnts do you give to girls?

"Wierd things. I just gave my sis a Chinese dinner gong."

Do you have a car?

"Yes-- a white convertible with red-leather seats."

Do you have secret longing?

"Yes. To do a telethon for the Heart foundation. My mother died of a heart condition."

Do you think you'll ever 'go Hollywood'?

"Don't be silly."

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