Bobby Darin And Judi Meredith

"Is it Love or Infatuation?"

This article appeared in the September 1960 issue Movie-TV & Record Time magazine.
Bobby was a very busy guy romantically before he met Sandra Dee.

"In a rented house complete with swimming pool, badminton court--the works--Bobby Darin and Judi Meredith find peace, contentment, romance in the romantic setting."

Writing about love is a tricky business, especially when the attractive characters involved have a long record of being intensely fickle. The characters we have in mind are Bobby Darin, the guy with the million-dollar personality, and Judi Meredith, a talented youngster with a sophisticated air. It was inevitable that these two rather unorthodox personalities meet and set off some romantic sparks.

Bobby is the first to tell you that he's a man of many moods, that he digs solitude when he has a yen to be alone; that he doesn't like possessive girls and, whereas he does crave female company, craves it on his terms. Though the dynamic singer, destined to become one of America's most dynamic actors (just wait and see!), modestly considers himself a nothing in the looks department, a string of girls from Maine to California will tell you that they prefer his brand of looks to that of Rock Hudson. They dig him, but definitely. They fall in love with him and Bobby falls in love with them...and just when the ignited flame reaches its glowingest Bobby gets the wanderlust.

There was a girl--and she may still be in the picture--who captured Bobby's love and imagination utterly and completely. She is blonde, cute and cuddly Jo-Ann Campbell. Jo-Ann tried to play the Game of Love according to Bobby's rules. She played it with all the sincerity of her true and loving heart. Bobby just couldn't fight such a set-up. He loved Jo-Ann and said so. He told us he was going to marry her in July . . . that was two years ago. He told us he loved this girl. He also told us he had been in love before--or thought he wasóbut he was certain about his feelings for Jo-Ann.

Loving a man like Bobby is all-consuming; there's no in-between. But with Bobby there is an in-between. There are the times he takes it on the lam, when he is 3000 miles away and where other pretty girls flash temporarily before his eyes. Bobby meant to keep his promise to marry Jo-Ann two Julys ago. He really did. But then he met Judi Meredith and you just don't meet Judi and let it go at that. She's the kind of girl who excites a man's imagination. She's a cool, sophisticated girl--woman. Knowing. Intelligent. She knows how to hold her own on any end of the conversation.

It didn't take her long to size Bobby up. He liked her. She'd go a step further, he was strongly attracted to her as she was to him. But there was a question in her mind: was his feeling for her love or infatuation? Was she infatuated with Bobby? Judi learned what other girls before her had learned--Bobby whips in and out of a girl's life as the spirit moved him. Somehow it didn't quite work that way with Judi. She took the powder when the spirit moved her. This intrigued Bobby. She was playing his game. He liked that.

Falling for Judi (he still doesn't know whether it's love or infatuation) has created some sort of problem for Bobby Darin. He still adores Jo-Ann Campbell. He's convinced of one thing and that is now is not the time to tell it to the preacher. Now is the time to play it cool, see Judi whenever he's not breaking records in night clubs and grinding out records that sell in the millions. Enjoy her company. Enjoy the company of other girls . . . and hope that some day, some how he can straighten out his tangled love life. Meantime, he's having a ball as he and Judi get to know each other better.

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