Bobby Darin

"The trouble is -- I love them both!"

The phone went click-buzz-brrrr again and then the operator was asking somebody 3,000 miles away, "Mr. Bobby Darin, please." and a man's voice mumbled something, and then she said, "Is this Mr. Darin? " and then the man's voice came loud and clear, "Of course it is doll! Of course of course!" and then the operator got the giggles and we had to wait a minute till she could pull herself together enough to say, "Your party is on the line. Go ahead, please,"

And then Bobby Darin, the inimitable, one of the big talents in show business today, with a line of gals that leaves you gasping but nevertheless tells you right out about everything you dare to ask, was going ahead, as usual ... "Listen honey, just one thing -- please don't quote me wrong. You won't honey, will you? Everybody's been quoting me wrong."

"Like that article in one magazine that said I said I was better than Sinatra. They wrote a whole big story about it 'dear Bobby we love you, but don't go around getting the big head or something' and I never even said it, and what are they trying to do, knife me or something? They pick up a phony column item that I didnt even have anything to do with and build a whole story around it and the kids who don't know me think I go around saying I'm better than Sinatra.

"But I'm on vacation now. So you won't do it, honey, will you? You should see this house I'm staying in -- renting it for a year ... used to belong to Paul Newman. Right now I'm involved with it, the house, big pool -- badminton court -- living room bigger than my whole house where my folks live in Jersey! Three bedrooms, I need it big -- guess I'll have to do a little entertaining if I stay out here much. It's in Laurel Canyon. The furniture -- I dont know what kind it is -- modern -- can't really tell. I'll be here three weeks, this time -- we have it for a year, my manager and I. I might be doing a movie for Paramount, they're supposed to come up with something. Then if they do I'll be out here most of the time for awhile. And it would be great if ... I have to talk to her. Jo-Jo I mean.

"No honey, I haven't seen Connie recently. She's out here, you know. Great reviews. I have to get over to see her show. We're extremely good friends. Of course we are. Just don't quote me wrong. You won't will you?"

"I'm so proud of her. We started out together -- our careers ... we made it together ... just six months difference. She got her first big hit six months before I did. "I wrote one of the first tunes she ever recorded, "My First Real Love" ... sure I did. That's how we met. She sang some of my tunes. "Since then, we haven't spent any time together, not since we went steady and that was three years ago. I hear rumors, sure. I heard some out here. I don't know who started them. Do you know who started them?

Somebody told me the other day, 'Did you know Connie was still in love with you?' You know how it is, they're always tellin' you something. I said, 'Don't be crazy.' "I know how basically sincere and honest she is. We like the same things. Basically ... it's an ideal friendship. I can't define why ... but we're very close.

"The other one ... Jo-Ann ... I haven't seen her in two months. We were in love for two years. Then we broke up. I still haven't figured it out, I'm crazy about her. I'm nutty about her. I have to sit down and write her a letter. But I'm not good at that stuff. I haven't figured out what to say. It's 'Where do you go from here?' for us now.

I love Connie, too ... of course, I love her. The trouble is, I love them both, but it's different. Can you understand what I mean?

I enjoy their company. Connie and I get along great. And Jo-Ann ... she's a companion, sweetheart, pal ... anything I want her to be. The kind of girl who can get into your moods and stay with it or take you out of them, and I can do the same with her.

"They're both womanly. Neither girl is cute, the way a child is. Or childish, the way a child is. Jo-Jo is cuddlesome. I must see her again ... Jo-Jo very shortly.

"The trouble is everything wonderful has been happening to me, all of a sudden. It's kind of a whirl, a race, excitement, success. It's made a difference. My life has changed. I have to find out just where I'm going first. "One good thing ... I've stopped running as hard as I used to. I'm more concerned now in the person, me, as a person, instead of just the talent, the career. I'm thinking of the future. It's premature for marriage ... I think. It's too soon, maybe. I'm on the go too much to get married. But someday I'll have a real marriage ... marriage of career and understanding.

"I am at a confused point now, since I broke up with Jo-Ann. I've dated other girls, but it was always her, for two years. Now ... it's like being in the Army ... you get out, you think something big is going to happen, but nothing happens, it's all new and different, you wonder if people have changed, if they're not the way you remember them. You're excited about getting home, seeing old friends ... but then you do and nothing happens. That's the way it is with me now. But nothing better happens, than ...

I don't want a slew of marriages. I want that first one to be right. I want the same parents for my kids all through their lives. "I have the feeling that what I want is right here, almost, right in my hand. But maybe I don't know how to reach out and take it. See, I'll be on the West Coast and she' ... Jo-Jo ... will be on the East Coast and I'm not so good at letters and that kind of stuff.

"Still, I love her. Who? Which one? I love them both ... Connie and Jo-Jo. I'm not gonna fight it. Even marriage. I'm not gonna fight my feelings. I'll let what happens happen. I won't feed my emotions through an IBM machine.

"And you know what else? I could be wrong, but ... it's right here, I can almost reach out and touch it. Because, from the way it looks now ... one of these girls is the girl I'm gonna marry! ..."


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