Bobby Darin

Historia Del Rock 'n' Roll #20 - Bobby Darin

Thanks to L. Vergara Herrero for this information and LP cover pictures.

  • Label: El Cocodrilo Records (Spain) - 1989
  • Chart information: Not available

This album belongs to a series of releases under the generic title 'Historia del rock and roll.' It is volume number 20 in this collection, and considering that its title includes the words 'Vol. 2', it is to be supposed that there is another earlier number dedicated to Bobby Darin. It was released by El Cocodrilo Records, which belongs to Club de Coleccionistas, S.A.

    Side One:

  • Eighteen Yellow Roses
  • Dream Lover
  • Lazy River
  • Jailer, Bring Me Water
  • You Must Have been a Beautiful Baby
  • The Days of Wine and Roses
  • Don't Call My Name
  • You're Mine

    Side Two:

  • Nature Boy
  • Theme from "Come September"
  • Mame
  • Milord
  • Venice Blues (Que c'est triste Venice)
  • I Want You with Me
  • Beyond the Sea (La Mer)

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