Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin

  • Label: Motown M753L
  • Stereo
  • Entire album available on CD: Yes
  • Chart information: Did not chart

Bobby Darin was Bobby's first LP for Motown, and the last released before his death. The album was a middle-of-the-road venture with contemporary songs, including "Sail Away" by Randy Newman and "Something in Her Love," written by Bobby and his drummer Tommy Amato.

    Side one:

  • Sail Away
  • I've Already Stayed Too Long
  • Something in Her Love
  • Who Turned the World Around
  • Shipmates in Cheyenne

    Side two:

  • Let It Be Me
  • Hard Headed Woman
  • Average People
  • I Used to Think It Was Easy
  • My First Night Alone Without You

Review (2011)
(Thanks Shiying for this review.)

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