"I Want Bobby!"

Lucille Ball

Legendary comedienne Lucille Ball was a big Darin fan as noted in the book Lucy in the Afternoon" written by Jim Brochu.

In her later years while playing backgammon with the author, Lucy would say "I want Bobby" and Jim knew exactly what she meant. He would put on her favorite LP "Darin At The Copa" and Lucy would sing along, word for word in her low gravelly voice.

Lucy's daughter Lucie Arnaz later shared that Bobby's "Mack the Knife" was heard very frequently playing in the family home.

While Lucy and Gary Morton were guests on Password in 1966, in one particular round, the password was "Splash". Gary immediately gave the clue "Splish".

Lucy looked at him squarely in the eye, tossed her head back and shrugged replying "Splash."

When host Allen Ludden asked Lucy, "Who sang that?" Lucy replied, "Bobby Darin ... he wrote it!" Gary Morton chimed in, "I sing it to her every night."

At Lucy's memorial service in 1989, which she had left instructions for, according to Brochus book, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" from "Darin at the Copa" was played through the loud speakers.

Cover of the book Lucy in the Afternoon.

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