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Teddy Neely's Album

Liner Notes

Bobby wrote these liner notes for Teddy Neeley's first LP on Capitol in 1966

What's a TEDDY NEELEY? I'll tell you. A TEDDY NEELEY is a five-foot, six-inch, 125-pound atomic reactor plant about to turn on the whole world. A TEDDY NEELEY is a genuine young man with a sincere desire to be a performer's performer. A TEDDY NEELEY is a 22 year old musical personality with at least 22 years of success in front of him. Why do I say all this? Because I am a TEDDY NEELEY fan. I have seen him on stage two or three times in the past year and each time the audience reaction was the same as mine. They paid attention, they grooved and they waxed enthusiastic when his performance was over. It is foolish to ponder how a young man has all the natural ability at, quote, such an early age, unquote, because the answer is very simple. The world no longer is a place in which age has anything to do with sensitivity or ability. A TEDDY NEELEY IS young, but as is the case with his generation, he has been around a thousand years. There is a lot of music in this package. There is a lot of TEDDY NEELEY in that music. There is a lot of music in that TEDDY NEELEY. Let's get it on.

Bobby Darin

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