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News from Jan. 2000 through June 2000

Don't Forget!!! The A&E Biography on Sandra Dee will be broadcast TONIGHT Monday, June 26, 2000. Be sure to watch it!


The new release from Questar, "Bobby Darin : Mack Is Back!" is NOW available on DVD! You can order it NOW!!! Click HERE for more information!!!

May 22, 2000: More Darin Sightings

If you watched ABC TV anytime this week, you definitely heard Bobby singing "It Had To Be You" in the promo for the season finale of "The Practice"... Bobby's Golden Globe winning performance in the movie "Pressure Point" can be seen on Tuesday May 23, 2000 at 10:05am CST on the movie network TMC2E ( The Movie Channel 2 East). It will also air that same day at 1:05pm CST on the movie network TMC2W ( The Movie Channel 2 West)...."Hell Is For Heroes" starring Steve McQueen and Bobby Darin will air Sunday June 4, 2000 at 3:30pm CST on Turner Classic Movies.

5-15-00: Celebrating Bobby...

The Bobby Darin Award Ceremony was held May 12 during the Annual Spring Concert at The Bronx High School Of Science.Check Alison's site for more details soon....Harriet Wasser shared she celebrated Bobby's birthday by enjoying vocalist Lynne DiMenna at the Oak Room at the Algonguin Hotel In NYC. Lynne performed Bobby's "Two of A Kind" ( with her daughter Meredith). Harriet stated Lynne has a lot of personality and is a lovely, warm and talented artist,in the Darin tradition...Harriet will be interviewed Monday May 22, 2000 on the nationally syndicated radio program "Anything Goes" by host Lise Avery. The program which will feature Bobby's music originates from WFDU FM 89.1 in Teaneck NJ. The program airs from 9AM to 1PM EST....Harriet also shared Darin fan DJ Michael Anthony ( WHPC 90.3 in Garden City, New York) had a wonderful tribute to Bobby and Frank Sinatra ( who died on Bobby's birthday in 1998 ) on his radio program "The Unforgettables" Saturday night May 13, 2000....

5-08-00: Darin sightings

According to Steve Blauner, Bobby's friend and former manager , Bobby will be heard singing "It Had To Be You " in an upcoming Hanes commercial, Watch for it!!!... Bobby's song "Things" can be heard being sung by Nancy Sinatra and Dean Martin in Nancy's digitally remastered 1967 TV special "Movin' With Nancy" available at Nancy's website or AMC's American Pop website.... The film "Tall Story" will be shown Friday May 12 at 6:20am ( check your local listing for times) on the cable station LOVE ( Bobby sings the theme). Also "The Lively Set" which features a score written by Bobby will air Tuesday May 9 at 4:15 PM est and again May 19 at 1:30 est on AMC.

Thanks to Steve Blauner, Jimmy Scalia and Andy Stein for this info

4-17-00: Legends of Entertainment announcement

Ann Douglas of The Legends of Entertainment has announced that they have made arrangements for Questar, Inc. to distribute the Bobby Darin Live! video in the United States and Canada. The new release of Bobby's last recorded performance will be re-titled and we will let you know the new title as soon as we can. It is scheduled to hit the stores on video in April or May of this year. Later this year, Questar plans to also make the show available on DVD, most likely with added material. Orders within the U.S. and Canada can also be placed directly with Questar by calling 800-544-8422, or via their web site.

We are all happy about this partnership, as it will make the show more widely available to Bobby's fans as well as giving new audiences a better opportunity to discover him. Those of you outside the U.S. and Canada can still order directly from The Legends of Entertainment by calling 800-433-4271.

Thank you Ann for typing this up!

4-17-00: A&E BIOGRAPHY on Sandra Dee in June 2000

In June, a A&E BIOGRAPHY of Sandra Dee will air. Be sure to watch this as Bobby will be featured prominently. Also, the producer has told me that there is a A&E Bio for Bobby in the works. This is set to be broadcast as part of "Brill Building week", 5 shows / 5 nights featuring The History of The Legendary Brill Building, Bobby, Leiber and Stoller, Carole King and Burt Bacharach. Because of the amount of shows to be produced ( five shows), meaning they all need to be ready for broadcast, it may the beginning of next year before these are aired.BUT Sandra's is definite for JUNE!!!! More details soon.

4-17-00: Additional domains available

The webmaster of would like to announce that the domain name of will now refer you to this site ( that is the main page.) This domain was offered to me by a company who has owned the name for years, but was not using it for anything. My friend Donna Carter and I decided to buy it and hold it for Dodd Darin and the Bobby Darin estate. If we are ever asked to give it to Dodd, we will.( We are merely renting it and putting it, hopefully, to good use.) Until then you can reach the site through and

ALSO, I have purchased the domain name of in order to make my tribute site easier to find for Sandra Dee fans. Thanks to everyone who has told me they enjoy these sites. I love making them for Bobby and Sandra and hope I do them justice.

3-28-00: Picture of Bobby and Sandra in this weeks STAR Magazine

Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee are seen at the 1961 Oscars ( AGAIN!) in this weeks special double issue of STAR Magazine, out on newstands yesterday ( Monday March 27th). The issue is dated April 4, 2000 and the picture of Bobby and Sandy appears on page 20-21 in the section "When Hollywood was Young and Beautiful".Be sure and check your newsstands and check-out counters for this one!

Thanks to Christine and Marianne for this information!

3-27-00: Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee on Oscar 2000 telecast

Did You see it? For one brief and shining moment, Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee were shown in vintage footage on the Oscar 2000 telecast. It was during the memorial portion that showed Actors and actresses and previous Oscar winners who had passed away this year. There were Bobby and Sandra ( who was pregnant with their son) who just happened to be presenting the Oscar in 1961 to the recently departed Ernest Gold for Best Music, Scoring of A Dramatic or Comedy Picture.(He won for Exodus).It is nice to know that Bobby and Sandra are preserved somewhere on video tape. (Thank you ABC!) I am currently in the process of obtaining a copy of the Oscars so I can hopefully capture a still of it for the site, since I did not tape the program unfortunately. Stay Tuned..

Bobby on Vh-1 Ed Sullivan special
Bobby will appear on "Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics - Gone Too Soon" Thursday March 30, 2000 at 6:30pm CST.(Check your listings for your correct time.) This will include performances by Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, the Carpenters and the Mamas & the Papas. it is a wonderful tribute, so be sure not to miss it.

3/27/2000: Bobby TV Alert on Game Show Network ( Update)

Time is drawing near for Bobby's rare appearance from Feb. 17, 1964 on the classic Game Show "I've Got A Secret" on The Game Show Network. It does look as though it will air Sunday April 2, 2000 at 7:30 pm CST and repeated again at 11:30 PM CST....That is, if they don't skip episodes !( Thanks to my fellow GSN fans Vickie Walker and Eric Paddon, who helped me figure out the actual airdates...we hope!) GSN is available on many cable systems throughout the country and is broadcasted on Direct TV, Primestar and Dish Network satellite systems.

3-22-2000: "Cop-out" is on home video

"Cop-out", Bobby's film from 1967, which also starred Geraldine Chaplin and James Mason is now out on home video. (Remastered). You can order it from CDNOW or many other online video stores.

Thanks to Jim Powers for this information.

3-16-2000: on the Darin Bio Movie

Here is an item on the Darin Bio Movie at Click on this link and scroll down to "THE MOST IMPORTANT THING".

Thanks to Steve Blauner and Jimmy Scalia for this information

3-01-2000: Harriet Wasser WAS hospitalized

Bobby's long time friend and associate Harriet Wasser is now home resting comfortably after being admitted for a few days to a New York hospital.The problem seemed to be her blood pressure . Please continue to pray for good health for Hesh!

Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information!

3/1:Be sure and check out Bobby's current TV appearance schedule for the month of March at TV-NOW! (Thanks to Lorraine for this information.)

1/23: The Bobby Darin Award Newsletter

Be sure and remember to send your tax-deductible donation for the Year 2000's Bobby Darin Award at Bronx High School of Science! When you donate you are put on a mailing list and sent a beautiful collectible newsletter periodically. The newsletter contains interesting news about the event and never before seen items from Bobby's family!! Please donate now!

1/17: "Beyond The Song" being televised again

I have had reports that the PBS documentary "Beyond The Song" is being shown again in some markets, namely NY and Florida. Keep checking your local listings to see if it will be broadcast in your area!


WCBS-FM in NYC has chosen Bobby's classic as the NUMBER ONE song in their THE TOP 1001 SONGS OF THE CENTURY countdown! More is here!

1/2: Bobby's ranking on Musicradio 77 WABC 2nd Annual Favorite Songs Survey!

Musicradio 77 WABC The Greatest Top Forty Music Radio Station of All Time has tabulated their 2nd Annual Favorite Songs Survey! Go here to see how Bobby did! Although we Darin fans were accused of stuffing the ballot box, we believe that was not the case at all. Heck, the people who voted just had good taste! (The Darinfan list at conducted our own survey... here are our results.)

Thanks to James Keenan and Pat Zimmer for this information!

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