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11/8: 1962 "State Fair" Soundtrack now available on CD

Varese Sarabande has released a "two-fer" CD of the soundtracks of the film "State Fair" from 1945 and Bobby's 1962 version. Included is Bobby's solo "This Isn't Heaven" AND, as listed here at Varese Sarabandes website, the bonus track of "It's A Grand Night For Singing (demo) (Performed by Bobby Darin and Anita Gordon for Pamala Tiffin) !! A nice collectors item for only $14.98. Thank you Varese Sarabande!!!

Thanks to Pat Zimmer for the tip on this !

10/10:New Darin CD

A new CD is out called THE BEST OF BOBBY DARIN,and it's part of the TEN BEST SERIES . An EMI-Capitol "Special Markets" release,the disc features a hodge-podge of Capitol material, namely:
    18 Yellow Roses
    If a Man Answers
    You're the Reason I'm Livin'
    Venice Blue
    Hello, Dolly!
    Sunday in New York
    Treat My Baby Good
    I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
THE BEST OF BOBBY DARIN is a low-end but handsome package, with a lovely color photo on the front, no liner notes, and a nice Bobby-in-action-in-the-studio black and white on the back. The front cover is blank on the back, and the tray is a microphone listing other titles in this series. Price is $6.88 at The Disc Jockey, more info on where else to purchase this CD soon.

Thanks to Max Allen Collins for this information

10/6: The UN-CUT Darin Invasion is now available!

R. Scott Bolton Vice President and General Manager of CFI , a distribution company based in California has announced that this company is making available "The Darin Invasion" with Pat Carroll.( Many of you know her segment with Bobby was later edited out of the show.) CFI is owned by Burt Rosen, who was the original producer of the show. The masters of this ARE THE ORIGINAL MASTERS - the ones created when the show was shot originally. What CFI is doing is offering fans a chance to purchase the cassette directly from CFI.This means that the tape won't have a fancy box, in fact, the cassette comes in a plain white sleeve. But the cassette is printed from a high-quality 3/4" master !! Ordering information is at CFI's website. Thank you R. Scott and Andy Stein for this info!

10/6: Help us GET REISSUES and NEW VIDEOS!

In order to get more CDs of Bobbys music (Both previously released on LP and unreleased goodies ) we MUST make our voices heard !! Please visit Rhino's handmade site ,fill out their form and let them know WE WANT MORE BOBBY on CD!! ( A word of warning..this page at Rhino has been known to crash Netscape browsers for some reason. Try it on IE 4.0 or above.) Also,please drop our friend Gordon at Collector's Choice Music a short email and say "Heck yeah! I will buy a live unreleased album by Bobby Darin!" ( Rumor has it that it is "a definite possibility"!! ). Collector's Choice gave us the fabulous "Unreleased Capitol Sides" earlier this year. And also, do not forget our friends at The Legends of Entertainment, who blessed us with the outstanding "Bobby Darin Live!" video this year. Make sure you E-mail them and tell them you'd love to buy more of Bobby on video. Don't forget we can make a difference, so get those fingers typing and thanks!

Thanks to Max Allen Collins, Andy Stein and Donna Carter for this information!

9/28: reviewed in Sept. issue of Discoveries Magazine

This website was reviewed again in DISCOVERIES magazine by Jeff Tamarkin. More is here. (Thank you, Jeff.)

9/14: Darin songs appear in new film "American Beauty"

Four of Bobby's songs are featured in the new Kevin Spacey movie "American Beauty" which is scheduled to open wide across the U.S. on October 1, 1999. Mr. Darin's classic songs include "Call Me Irresponsible","As Long as I'm Singin'","Where Love Has Gone" and "Don't Rain On My Parade"( the latter is the only Darin tune included in the new soundtrack disc ). The CD from Uni/Dream Works Records will be available Oct.5 at many online stores.

Thanks to Andy Stein for this information !

9/8: 40 years ago....

This bit of interesting trivia was shared by Gary Walden, Bobby's brother and his wife Chris:

"A New York radio station banned the song "Mack the Knife" in response to a wave of stabbings."

(This was taken from the Asbury Park Press on Sunday Aug.29, 1999 :page E6 )

Thank you Gary and Chris for this contribution !

9/8:"Eso Fue Lo Que Sucedio"

The Movie "Pepe", with Bobby's song "That's How it went Alright" ("Eso Fue Lo Que Sucedio") is available at with Spanish subtitles. Not the best quality of film, but still a novelty for Darin Fans.

8/20: "Got Milk?"

Steve Blauner has asked me to ask the web if anyone has the recordings of the advertising spots Bobby did for the American Dairy Association in the 1960's. If you can help,please e-mail me. Thank you.

8/16: C'mon Get Happy : David Cassidy appearing as Bobby in Las Vegas

Actor/singer David Cassidy is producing "The Rat Pack is Back" at the fabulous Desert Inn in Las Vegas. It has been reported Cassidy occasionally makes guest appearances on stage, portraying Bobby Darin. According to The Desert Inn website: " Bobby Caldwell, Tony Tillman, Steve Apple and Hiram Kasten star in a big band musical nostalgic tribute to the swingin'est era in the history of Las Vegas and to the men who immortalized live entertainment." According to reviews of this show, it is something NOT to be missed ! More details are also listed on David Cassidy's News page on his site. Thank you David, for remembering Bobby.

Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information!

8/16: From the mind of Harriet Wasser...

History may repeat itself as Darin friend and associate Harriet Wasser shared with me her excitement over the hot new singing sensation Marc Anthony. Harriet, who knew and believed in Bobby before anyone knew who he was, also has had a simular experience with Grammy winner Anthony, knowing him prior to his recording career . As Hesh said, "It's just a matter of time before he explodes on the market!"

Bobby Darin Day:May 14th,1999

6/14: Log of Online chat with Bobby's friend and manager Steve Blauner!!

6/14:New CD from Varese Sarabande available exclusively at Collectors' Choice! (Great pictures in the liner notes and never-before- released-on-CD DIRECTION label songs makes this a MUST HAVE!!)

6/9: A Full Report on Bobby Darin Day in the Bronx! by Alison Passarelli

6/9:June 9, 1999: Bobby's induction into The Songwriter's Hall of Fame

6/8: NEW CD "Bobby Darin : Wild Cool & Swingin'" From Capitol is out TODAY!!
Click HERE for track listings and more!

May 30th: Here is some interesting news: Harriet Wasser, Bobby's dear friend and associate will be involved in a new book written about Bobby. Written by her friend, Karen Schoemer ( a big Darin fan ) of The New York Times, Harriet's fond and interesting memories of Bobby will be a major part of this book. We are all looking forward to this publication and are very excited Hesh will be involved !!....... a friend of mine who runs the Dick Haymes website is running a poll for "Greatest Baritone of the Century" and Bobby's name is listed. I encourage you to visit this site and LET YOUR OPINION BE KNOWN! (Be sure and follow the directions correctly there!)....

May 14th: Be sure to check out the wonderful "The Bobby Darin Award" page for all the great pictures and news about Bobby Darin Day at the Bronx High School Of Science!!!! Alison Passarelli single handedly did an outstanding job bringing these awards and proclaimations to Mr.Darin and she should be commended for everything she has done for Bobby and his family.She did it all by herself and we are all deeply grateful to her and thank her from the bottom of our hearts for all she has done!!!!

If you are looking for the elusive Rare Performances CD and other hard to find Darin items, be sure to contact Rick Apt, He can help you find what you are looking for!!!

If you would like an audio tape copy of Harriet Wasser's interview on WOR AM from early May 14th, 1999 (midnight -4am EDT) e-mail my friend Jimmy Scalia at, Harriet was very delightful on this program and many interesting stories were shared.... Here is the phone number of Legends Of Entertainment, so you can purchase the BOBBY DARIN LIVE!! video , it is 1-800-433-4271.

Check out the new Bobby Darin Compilation CD entitled "Swingin' The Standards" on the Varese Sarabande label which will be released May 11,1999!! The liner notes state that on this release some mono tracks were used instead of stereo which will improve the sound quality on some of those "Shadow Of Your Smile" LP tracks. Also, this site( is mentioned in the liner notes!! (The first national mention since Discoveries Magazine!)Thank you Cary of Varese Sarabande!!!....

The video BOBBY DARIN LIVE!! from Legends Of Entertainment has a beautiful new cover. According to Ann Douglas of The Legends: "In trying to get the video ready for Christmas, we felt we had rushed the sleeve design and not done justice to Bobby, so we went back to the drawing board and designed what we think is a more fitting tribute to him."

Please check out the link pertaining to Bobby getting the Lifetime Achievement Grammy!! Everyone needs to write as soon as possible and make your voice heard ...HELP BOBBY BE REMEMBERED....

The Movie "Pepe" soundtrack is now available at FOOTLIGHT RECORDS. This features Bobby's song "That's How It Went Alright" from 1960.....

The Collectors Choice CD "Unreleased Capitol Sides"IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! Order it today!...The New Judy Garland 2-CD entitled "Judy at The Palace"/"Judy Duets" features the ENTIRE DUET Bobby and Judy performed on her TV show in 1963.(And the quality is excellent!!) It is available exclusively at Best Buy, however supplies are LIMITED....

The PBS documentary "Bobby Darin: Beyond The Song"is now available for $19.95 at The Store Of Knowledge in many states all over the country. Check their web site for a store near you....

More soon and thank you for reading.

Bobby & Judy Garland 1963

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