January Poll

What is your favorite Bobby Darin LP cover?

PLEASE NOTE: Click on each image below to get the title and read more about each LP, and in most cases, see a bigger image of the cover. This poll only covers 30 of Bobby's album covers, I know there have been more (such as soundtracks and compilations) but these are the most popular ones and the poll creator only would hold 30 entries. Thanks to Donna Carter for this idea.

"Could you pass me the bandaids please?"


Poll Results

Note: Covers not listed did not receive any votes

"Two of A Kind"...1 vote

"Winners"...1 vote

"BD sings Dr. Dolittle"...1 vote

"BD born Walden Robert Cassotto"...2 votes

"Darin 1936-1973"...2 votes

"For Teenagers Only"...2 votes

"25th Day of December"..2 votes

"If I Were A Carpenter".. 2 votes

"Venice Blue"... 3 votes

"Inside Out"... 3 votes

"BD sings Shadow of your Smile"... 4 votes

First Atco Lp...5 votes

Bobby Darin ( Motown)... 5 votes

"That's All"... 7 votes

"Things & Other Things"... 7 votes

"Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie".. 7 votes

"Earthy!"... 11 votes

"This is Darin"... 18 votes

"Bobby Darin sings Ray Charles"... 50 votes

"At The Copa".....532 votes

And the winner is...

"It's You or No One"....

... 917 votes!!!

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