The Legendary
Bobby Darin

Pop Culture References

Below are some references made to Bobby Darin in popular culture.

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    The Meg: The trailer for this 2018 movie features Bobby's "Beyond the Sea."

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)

    Term Life: In this 2016 movie starring Vince Vaughn, Bobby can be heard singing "Not for Me." (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Lisa Nelson for this information.)

    Run All Night: About midway through this 2015 movie, starring Liam Neeson and Ed Harris, Bobby's "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" can be heard in the bar scene where Liam's character, Jimmy, "is shooting everyone in Shawn's (Ed Harris) bar." The song is not included on the soundtrack CD, but it is listed in the end credits. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Kathleen Tam for this information.)

    Grudge Match: In this 2013 film starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro Bobby sings a line from "Once in a Life Time." It is the scene right after Henry 'Razor' Sharp (Stallone) decides to fight Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen (DeNiro), about an hour and twenty minutes into the film. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)

    His Lover, the Ocean: A beautiful short film produced by Sharkbite Productions and directed by Anthony Scalia. It tells the story of a young man who recalls a very special summer to his grandfather. "Beyond the Sea" is heard at the opening and close of the film. And if you look closely, you can see a Bobby Darin shell sitting on top of the dresser. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Anthony Scalia for this information.)

    Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation: In this 1962 movie starring Jimmy Stewart, close to the end of the movie a boy named Joe gives Katie a
    Bobby Darin album. You don't see the album very well, but he does say,
    "Bobby Darin album."

    (Thanks to Kylie Lords for this information.)

    Cop-Out: In this 1967 drama, also known as A Stranger in the House, Bobby starred with James Mason and Geraldine Chaplin. This photo
    of Bobby was spotted at a Fuddruckers Restaurant in Newport News, VA.

    (Thanks to Jeff Zimmer for this information.)

    How About You: In this 2007 movie, starring Vanessa Redgrave, Bobby's song "How About You" plays during the opening credits. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Edwina Halsey for this information.)

    Kiss Me, Stupid: In this 1964 movie, starring Dean Martin and produced by Billy Wilder, a wife tells Dean (playing himself) that a song her husband wrote would be better sung by Bobby Darin, Elvis or the Beatles rather than Dean.

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    Air Bud: In this 1997 movie, directed by Charles Martin Smith and starring Michael Jeters and Kevin Zegers, a lonely boy befriends a stray
    dog and when he gets the dog in the tub for a bath the song "Splish Splash" begins. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    French Kiss: In this 1995 comedy, directed by Lawrence Kasdan, star Meg Ryan's character tells co-star Kevin Kline's character ... "Sing
    that Bobby Darin song, you know the one."
    ("Beyond the Sea")

    Return to Me: In this 2000 comedy/drama, directed by Bonnie Hunt, co-star Robert Loggia's character comments on the current state of
    male singers saying,
    "We had Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, etc."

    (Thanks to Bill Coppola for this information.)

    Prey for Rock & Roll: In this 2003 drama, directed by Alex Steyermark, star Gina Gershon's character tries to console a band member by telling her she, "... listens to Bobby Darin and enters a sort of protective bubble."

    Shark Tale: In this 2004 animated comedy, Sykes (voiced by Martin Scorsese) sings/talks the line ... "Oh, the shark bites, first, dear."


    Las Vegas: October 4, 2004, Season 2, Episode 4 "Catch of the Day". Mary, in charge of booking performers, was talking to "unknown" Michael Buble. He's talking about doing stand up comedy and she tells him, "No, you have to sing. You are like a Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin all rolled into one."

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    The Lucy Show: November 19, 1962, Season 1, Episode 8, titled "Lucy the Music Lover". Lucille Ball as Lucy Carmichael goes into a record shop and asks for the latest Bobby Darin album.

    (Thanks to Gail Glaze for this information.)

    On the TV series Lawrence Welk, from 1974, featured Grammy winning songs. Lawrence says, "Both Ella Fitzgerald and Bobby Darin won awards with this song, and now here is Arthur Duncan to dance to "Mack the Knife."

    (Thanks to Gail Glaze for this information.)

    On the TV series Sex and the City, August 17, 2003, Season 6 Episode 9 "A Woman's Right to Shoes." It's the episode where Carrie is invited to a party and asked to remove her expensive M. Blahnik shoes. The subplot involved newlywed Charlotte and her husband Harry's habit of liking to be in the nude. Here it comes: he dances into the kitchen (nude) singing "Mack the Knife."

    (Thanks to Gail Glaze for this information.)

    On the TV series Supernatural, Season 12 Episode 12 "Stuck in the Middle (With You)" Bobby's song "Not for Me" can be heard in the background.

    (Thanks to Kylie Lords for this information.)

    The Drew Carey Show: On the 2002, "The Dawn Patrol" episode, as Drew's girlfriend leaves on a sailboat trip, they show the boat and play Bobby's "Beyond the Sea."

    (Thanks to Nicolle Houseman for this information.)

    Homicide: Life on the Street: February 24, 1993, Season 1, Episode 4 "A Shot in the Dark". John Munch, played by Richard Belzer sings a karaoke version of "Mack the Knife," in the closing scene.

    (Thanks to Angelia Lenz for this information.)

    Law and Order: 1999, Season 9, Episode 19. Detective Lenny Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach, is interviewing a witness. The witness mentions a hip singer's name and Lenny says, "Who?" And his partner says, "Detective Lenny's music stops with Bobby Darin."

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    Vinyl: On March 28, 2016 during the 1st Season Episode 7 "The King and I" of the HBO series, Bobby Darin's "18 Yellow Roses" can be heard. (Lyrics)

    Live with Kelly and Michael: On January 28, 2016 Lili Taylor was a guest on this morning talk show. Host Kelly Ripa asked Lili what she
    does to relax and she said she sings Karaoke. Kelly asks her, "What's your song?" Lili answers, "Bobby Darin's 'Mack the Knife.'" (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    Call the Midwife: On January 28, 2016 during Episode #5.2 of this BBC TV series, starring Vanessa Redgrave, Helen George and Jenny Agutter, Bobby's "Beyond the Sea" is playing. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Anne Cauchi for this information.)

    Quantico: On December 13, 2015, during the 1st Season, Episode 11 "Inside" of the ABC series, starring Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin, Bobby's "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" can be heard in the background in the scene where the "girls" of Quantico are in their
    dorm rooms during Holiday Weekend. (Lyrics)

    Larry's Country Diner: On November 1, 2015 this nationally-broadcasted variety country/western show had a segment listing events that happened way back when. Tonight they listed things from 1959. Host, Larry Black, said, "I love Bobby Darin and his "Mack the Knife"
    was #1." Then he played a bit of Bobby singing "Mack." An unexpected surprise! (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Nicolle Houseman for this information.)

    Public Morals: On August 26, 2015, during the 1st Season, Episode 2 "Family Is Family" of the TNT series starring Edward Burns, "Call Me Irresponsible" can be heard playing about at "the halfway mark" of the program. (Lyrics)

    The Wonder Years: On October 23, 1991, during the 5th Season, Episode 4 "Frank and Denise" starring Fred Savage, "If I Were a
    can be heard playing throughout the program. This series is available on Netflix. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Matthew Skinner for this information.)

    Apple: November 2012, posted a pair of television commercials for the IPad mini. The Photos commercial taps the 60's classic song "Two
    of a Kind"
    by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer. Click here for the audio file and for more information. (There should be a picture of a dog jumping into the water.)

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley and Jimmy Scalia for this information.)

    Vegas: During an October 2, 2012 episode Bobby's "Beyond the Sea" can be heard in the background of one scene. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Jill Caplan for this information.)

    Pan Am: During the October 23, 2011 episode #5 "One Coin in a Fountain," Bobby is heard singing again! This time it's "Call Me Irresponsible." Bobby's song is at the 33.16 mark, towards the end of the show. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    Pan Am: 45 minutes into this premiere episode of ABC's series, airing September 25, 2011, Bobby is heard singing "Fabulous Places."
    (Lyrics) Then, "Mack the Knife" is heard throughout the ending scenes. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Steve Blauner and Jimmy Scalia for this information.)

    Saturday Night Live: In a skit, airing September 24, 2011, Alec Baldwin is seen playing Tony Bennett and mentions Bobby twice.

    (Thanks to Nicolle Houseman for this information.)

    Family Ties: In the season 6, episode 25 called "The Boys Next Door" they mention Bobby's songs "Splish Splash" (Lyrics) and "Dream Lover." (Lyrics) Elyse Keaton and her old high school friend, "Eggy," perform "Splish Splash" at their high school reunion.

    (Thanks to Kylie Lords for this information.)

    Breakout Kings: On May 30, 2011 during the season finale Bobby is heard singing "Sunday In New York." You can catch it in the back
    ground at the very end of the show. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    Happy Days: In the episode "Smoking Ain't Cool" when Joanie takes up smoking Fonzie goes to her bedroom to talk to her. After he notices
    an Elvis poster on the wall he sees a poster of Bobby Darin and says,
    "Bobby Darin! Splish Splash!" and snaps his fingers. It can be seen
    on YouTube. Search for Happy Days Smoking Ain't Cool Part 3. It takes place at about the 23 second point of the clip.

    (Thanks to Mike Avilla for this information.)

    In 2010 NETWORK video in the UK issued a 3 DVD set of Sunday Night at the London Palladium. This set includes Bobby's complete performance from April 1960 (3 songs). This is a PAL Format and plays only in Region 2. This DVD may not be viewable outside of Europe.
    It is available at Amazon UK.

    (Thanks to Tony Cooper, Su Cote and to Steve for this information.)

    In 2010 Fonterra, the New Zealand dairy company, is running an advertisement for Anchor Milk. It features Bobby's "Long Line Rider."
    (Lyrics) It is an excellent ad and will no doubt have a reasonably long life promoting a little known Darin song. Click here to watch the commercial.

    (Thanks to Tony MacLeod for this information.)

    In the late 1980's Drano ran a television commercial, created by Bill Herman and Linda Uellendahl, using the music to "Splish Splash."
    (Lyrics) Click here to watch the commercial and hear the changes to the lyrics. You will need Quick Time to view it.

    (Thanks to Pablo Pelegrin and Susan Schooley for this information.)

    CBS Sunday Morning: On February 14, 2010 Sunday Morning did a Valentine piece on couples who have been together for many years.
    In the background they played Bobby's "It Had to Be You" from his Love Swings album. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Linda Padulo for this information.)

    White Collar: During the pilot episode of White Collar, a new 2009 USA TV show starring Tim DeKay and Matthew Bomer, some of Bobby's version of "The Good Life" is played. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Jimmy Scalia and Steve Blauner for this information.)

    The View: When members of The View were discussing the Michael Jackson memorial, Whoopi Goldberg said, "When he (Michael
    Jackson) performed ... it was ... that's what you wanted to aspire too ... if you wanted to perform ... you know ... like Bobby Darin
    was a performer ... like Sinatra was a performer."

    (Thanks to Kerry and Susan Schooley for this information.)

"If they give you any trouble, tell them you're Bobby Darin or somebody."

    Leave It to Beaver: In an episode entitled "Wally�s Dinner Date," broadcast in approximately 1961, Wally was going to take a girl to a very expensive, high class restaurant. He was worried about how much it would cost though, so Beaver suggested that he just call the place and find out. Then Eddie chimed in and said, "If they give you any trouble, tell 'em you're Bobby Darin or somebody."

    In another episode also airing in approximately 1961, Wally was talking about listening to records over at a girl's house. He said that her
    father was in the other room and every time they would put on a Frankie Avalon or Bobby Darin record, he would start coughing. But when they'd put on Guy Mitchell, he wouldn't make a sound.

    Another episode, sometime in 1961, Eddie Haskell was telling Beaver that if he wanted to be a big shot he had to act like one, " ... like Elvis
    or Frankie or Bobby Darin."
    We believe this episode is #210 "Beaver, the Hero."

    (Thanks to Katie Hasbrouck for these 3 entries.)

    Bobby's name was mentioned in an episode called "Don Juan Beaver" that originally aired on May 2, 1963. Beaver had been talking to a girl
    on the phone while the rest of the family was waiting for him to come to dinner. When he finally entered the dining room, his brother said something along the lines of,
    "What's kept you on the phone all this time, Bobby Darin?"

    (Thanks to Amber Cover for this information.)

    The Dick Van Dyke Show: In episode number 54 entitled "The Sam Pomerantz Scandals" that aired March 6, 1963, Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally were visiting a friend who worked at a resort. They asked their friend to do his impressions of famous people. When asked to do Bobby Darin, he snapped his fingers.

"Bobby Darin here just brought down the house!"

    The Munsters: In an episode entitled "Munster the Magnificent" which aired May 13, 1965, Eddie volunteered Herman to entertain at the school talent show. Herman was worried he would not be able to perform but sang and played the family pipe organ literally destroying the house. When wife Lily came in the room and asked what happened, Grandpa said sarcastically, "Bobby Darin here just brought down
    the house!"

    The Monkees: In the episode entitled "Monkees at the Movies," airing 1966 (?), the guys are trying to get Davy a role by using his record (actually it is one of Davy's before the Monkees). Peter is trying to get Davy's album from Mike by offering his own collecton saying, "... and
    the prize of my collection, Bobby Darin sings his bank book."

    (Thanks to Stefanie Hasel for this information.)

    Dark Shadows: In episode 213 which aired on April 20, 1967 an instrumental version of Bobby's "I'll Be There" can be heard playing in the background during the show. The scene in which the song can be heard takes place at the local bar. Carolyn Stoddard and Burke Devlin are talking about their past relationship, which has ended because Carolyn found out that Burke was using her to hurt her family. The song plays while Burke apologizes to Carolyn for what he has done. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Amber for this information.)

    Saturday Night Live: In this episode broadcast October 11, 1975 Bobby's "Mack the Knife" played over the opening title of the comedy skit, "Victims of Shark Bite," starring Jane Curtin and John Belushi.

    (Thanks to Maureen for this information.)

    In another episode broadcast September 24, 1977 Steve Martin sang part of "Mack the Knife" and explained that he was looking for some
    cat handcuffs.

    Happy Days: In episode number 35 entitled "Fonzie Joins the Band" which aired March 4, 1975, Potsie sings and the band plays Bobby's "Splish Splash" in the Cunningham garage. Later, they perform the song again at the Leopard Lodge dance.

    In episode number 123 entitled "Fearless Malph" which aired October 24, 1978, Bobby's "Splish Splash" is playing on the jukebox at Arnold's. (Lyrics)

    In episode number 165 entitled "A Potsie Is Born," which aired March 11, 1980, Potsie and the band perform Bobby's "Mack the Knife" at an audition for a club engagement. (Lyrics)

"Oh the shark bites ..."

    McDonalds: In the late 1980's a character that was based on Bobby's "Mack the Knife" called "Mac Tonite" was featured in several commercials for the fast food chain. Many Happy Meal collectible toys were produced of the character. ("Make it Mac tonite!")

    Laverne and Shirley: Throughout the run of this 1976-1983 ABC situation comedy, Bobby's picture had a special place in the background
    on Laverne and Shirley's bedroom wall. This was noticed most specifically on the 1982 episode, "Watch the Fur Fly." ( See photo.) This was
    a popular promotional photo of Bobby (seen as a poster on this show) and was most recently used for the 1999 Collectors' Choice" CD, Unreleased Capitol Sides.

    Seinfeld: In the episode "The Checks" broadcast November 7, 1996, Jerry receives residual checks from his Japanese TV appearance.
    The Japanese businessmen get stuck in Kramer's dresser drawers and Elaine's new boyfriend is obsessed with the song "Desperado."
    While Jerry and George are sitting in the coffee shop Kramer walks in dressed to the nines and Jerry says,
    "W-e-l-l, Macky's back."

    Touched by an Angel: In the episode "Into the Light" that was broadcast November 17, 1996, Kirsten Dunst plays a teenager named Amy
    Ann McCoy hospitalized with cystic fibrosis. David Marciano plays a man named James Block with a heart condition. He says to Amy, "I got
    the music for your birthday party." Amy responds, "I think we have all the Elvis CDs we need." To which James replies,
    "Oh no -- I have
    some Bobby Darin records."
    Amy asks, "Who's Bobby Darin?" James responds, "Only the best singer in the world."

    (Thanks to Deirdre Staunton for this information.)

    ER: In an episode entitled "Whose Appy Now?" which aired February 6, 1997, Dr. Carter removed Dr. Benton's appendix. Bobby's "Mack the Knife" was heard in the background. Dr. Carter sang along with the music. (Lyrics)

    Millennium -- Season 2:

    In episode number 2 entitled "Beware of the Dog" which aired September 26, 1997, Bobby's "As Long As I'm Singin'" plays on a portable CD player as Frank Black looks over crime scene photos on his computer. The scene changes to Frank in his car driving to the crime scene, and the song is amplified on the soundtrack as he listens to it in the car.

    (From 'This episode introduced viewers to Frank Black's penchant for the music of singer Bobby Darin. On the musical choice Glen Morgan commented, "Lance doesn't quite understand, but it actually makes some upcoming scenes creepy."')

    In episode number 3 entitled "Sense and Antisense" which aired October 3, 1997, Bobby's "Gyp the Cat" plays while Frank Black gets undressed to take a shower and discovers he may have been infected with a highly contagious virus.

    In episode number 4 entitled "Monster" which aired October 17, 1997, Bobby's "Goodbye Charlie" plays on Frank Black's portable CD player while on a plane trip.

    In episode number 5 entitled "A Single Blade of Grass" which aired October 24, 1997, there is no Bobby Darin song heard in the episode,
    but, nonetheless, he is referred to in the script. The NYC coroner is listening to the band, Squirrel Nut Zippers, as she prepares for an autopsy. Frank enters the morgue, recognizes the music and asks if she likes Bobby. Frank: "You by any chance into Bobby Darin?" Coroner: "Oh
    yeah--Gidget Goes Hawaiian." Frank: "No, that's James Darren."

    In episode number 6 entitled "The Curse of Frank Black" which aired October 31, 1997, even though there are no Bobby Darin songs on the episode's soundtrack, he makes an appearance in the script. Frank Black tries, repeatedly, to play a Bobby Darin CD in his car, but the player keeps spitting it back out as unplayable. Frank: (frustrated) "C'mon, Bobby."

    In episode number 11 entitled "Goodbye Charlie" which aired January 9, 1998, the first time you hear the song in this episode, it is a karaoke version that the character Steven Kiley sings along with. This is the police station interrogation of Steven Kiley by Frank Black and Lara Means.

    Steven: "Bobby Darin was one swinging' cat. Either of you into Bobby?" (Frank smiles and nods. Steven laughs.) "I knew it! But, y'know, Bobby Darin changed his name ... He was born Walden Cassotto. (sighs) He was sick his entire life. Had rheumatic fever when he was a child. They didn't expect him to live past the age of 16."

    Frank: "But if he'd called it quits when he was 16, there'd've been no 'Mack the Knife' or" (sings) "somewhere 'Beyond the Sea'-- you know that one. There would've been no Academy Award nomination for ... uh ..."

    Steven: Captain Newman.

    Frank: Captain Newman M.D.

    Steven: "But, you see, he developed congestive heart disease. He had multiple heart surgeries which, really, had no effect. So he made a choice to stop having them -- knowing that he would not live much longer after making that choice. He died--dignified, and remembered. At
    the age of 37."

    Later, at the end of the episode, Frank and Lara are in Frank's car when he starts it and the CD he had been playing starts up in the stereo.
    It is Bobby's version of "Goodbye Charlie."

    Frank: "How else you gonna get to know a guy like that? Besides, it's a cool song."

    The camera pulls back, the car drives off into the distance, and the song's volume increases and takes us into the show's credits.

    From '"Even the late, lamented Bobby Darin fits into Morgan and Wong's storytelling model, his music acting as background commentary for the first third of the season before a sublime sendoff-via-monologue in the tenth episode, 'Goodbye Charlie.'" -- Keith Uhlich, Slant Magazine

      In "The Turn of the Tide: Making of Season Two" documentary, the Millennium music composer, Mark Snow says: "Frank Black and Bobby Darin--I think it was a vehicle simply to make him (Frank), y'know, as much an Everyman as possible. To ground him. To make him seem normal. I think (Glen) Morgan and (James) Wong (producers/writers) just love Bobby Darin. Period. And that's--and they said, 'He's (Frank) gonna like it too. We like it; he likes it.'"

    (Special thanks to Carla MacDonald for compiling all this information!)

    Chicago Hope: Sometime during the 1997/98 season Bobby's story of finding out his sister was really his mother was mentioned.

    Will & Grace: On September 21, 1998, during the first season pilot episode entitled "Love and Marriage," Will, referring to watching pop-up video on VH1, says to Grace, "Did you know that Fiona Apple doesn�t even like apples, and Bobby Darin�s dog was named Fiona?"

    (Thanks to Nicolle Houseman for this information.)

    Frasier: Sometime during the 1998/99 season Frasier's father Martin Crane, played by John Mahoney, calls up his girl and asks her to come over, claiming he has, "Bobby Darin on the stereo."

    Kohl's: During the Christmas season of 2000, Bobby's "More" could be heard in this department store chain Christmas commercials. (Lyrics) (This was very short-lived. Bobby was soon replaced by another singer's rendition.)

    HBO: In April 2001 the movie 61* plays Bobby's "Dream Lover" in the first few scenes. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Irma for this information.)

    Ed: In an episode aired in May 2001, the story on NBC's Ed was about a "Vegas Night" and Bobby could be heard singing "Beyond the Sea." (Lyrics)

    The Fighting Fitzgeralds: In May 2001, the Brian Dennehy character was driving and singing along with the radio. The song that was playing was "Beyond the Sea" sung by Bobby Darin. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Christine for this information.)

    Family Guy: In an episode that was broadcast November 28, 2001, the cartoon characters go into a hotel room. One of them attempts to pull down a murphy bed which results in the wall collapsing. An older couple is now revealed in the next room. The wife says, "We're going to
    see Bobby Darin at the Copa tomorrow night, right Frank?"
    He responds, "Yep, Bobby Darin, tomorrow night!"

    (Thanks to Mike Chilcott for this information)

    The Sopranos: In a scene on a recent episode of this HBO drama, in the private lounge of "Bada Bing," Bobby's "I'll Remember April" was heard playing in the background. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Lois for this information.)

    Walden Robert Cassotto was mentioned on the final episode of this series which aired on June 10, 2007. One of Tony Soprano's workers
    was asked about his first name "Walden" and he answered back that he was named after Bobby Darin, Walden Robert Cassotto!

    (Thanks to Sarah Charbonneau for this information.)

    A&E's Live by Request: On this A&E special, "A Barry Manilow Christmas," which aired on December 5, 2003, Barry sings a great swinging arrangement of "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays." Barry begins snapping his fingers and a few bars into the song remarks, "I
    feel like ... BOBBY DARIN!"

    Bobby was featured in a Major League Baseball promotion for the July 11, 2006 All Star Game. It was shown on ESPN & the Fox Sport channel. The commercial featured LOTS of Bobby's tune, "I'm Sitting on Top of the World!" Bobby was definitely not singing softly in the background on this one!!! You could clearly hear it when he said, "Go get 'em Billy!" (Lyrics)

    In August 2006 Bobby's song, "Don't Rain on My Parade" was featured in a UK Terrestrial television commercial advertising Vauxhall cars. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Glenn Miller for this information.)

    Shark: On September 21, 2006, in the premiere episode of this CBS series, Bobby's "Mack the Knife" could be heard during the opening scene. (Lyrics)

    In January 2007 there is a UK television program called Soapstar Superstar that has actors from the soap operas singing songs every night
    for a week on prime time TV. One of them chose "Don't Rain on My Parade" and the host actually announces the song as the Bobby Darin song, "Don't Rain on My Parade," plays at the beginning of the performance!

    (Thanks to David Hopper for this information.)

    Quantum Leap: In episode 3.6 "Miss Deep South - June 7, 1958," Sam leaps into the body of a beauty pageant contestant. In one scene, while the contestants are modeling their bathing suits around the swimming pool, Bobby�s "Splish Splash" plays. The episode originally aired
    on November 2, 1990. (Unfortunately, on the Region 1 DVD release of the series, this song, along with many others, was cut out and replaced with generic background music. The song can still be heard when the episode airs in syndication.) (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Amber Cover for this information.)


    Jeep Gladiator: Bobby's "Splish Splash" is featured in an October 2019 Jeep Gladiator commercial. As Bobby sings a group of friends drive their Jeep Wrangler through the mud, kicking up a huge mess as they do doughnuts through the muck. The friends are met by a man in a Jeep Gladiator, which the automaker says gives the Wrangler someone new to play with. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)

    Toyota: Two January 2015 Toyota commercials feature Bobby's "I'm Sitting on Top of the World." One is a man and woman driving a RAV4. The second commercial is a family driving in the snow in a Toyota Highlander, the man is tapping on the steering wheel and the woman is patting the dog's collar to the beat of the music. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)

    2014: Miley Cyrus has over 13 million follows on Instagram - 13,011,077 to be exact. Pretty cool Miley Cyrus! Viva La Bobby Darin! One of
    the Kings of Kool, in a sharkskin suit!

    (Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information.)

    On February 2, 2013 Camp Pendleton, CA had a 50's Days theme for a Family Day. 50's cars were on display. Hot dogs and hamburgers
    were served. And 50's music played, including Bobby's "Splish Splash" and "Dream Lover."

    Philadelphia R&B/Doo-Wop group, The Dreamlovers, originally formed in 1956. Back then they called themselves the Romancers, changing their name to The Dreamlovers from Bobby Darin's 1959 hit. (Of note: Their big hit, "When We Get Married," reached #10 on Billboard's Hot 100 list in 1961 and they also backed Chubby Checker on several recordings, including "The Twist.")

    (Thanks to Jill Caplan for this information.)

    In September 2012 Colony Records, on 49th Street and Broadway, confirmed after 64 years of business, it would be closing it's doors. Musicians, Broadway actors, reporters and others have frequented the store ... and yes, our own Bobby as well. Read more about it here.

    (Thanks to Jamie Ney and Susan Schooley for this information.)

    In August 2012 Bobby Darin Archivist, Jimmy Scalia, was at Grabriella's Italian Restaurant in Lavallette/Ortley Beach, New Jersey when they were having a fundraiser to raise money for vests for police officers. He bought a seashell and decorated it, in full Bobby Darin style, by blending "Beyond the Sea" and "Mack the Knife." The souvenir is now on displayed. Photos here.

    (Thanks Jimmy for your steadfast Darin-devotion as well as your artistic skills!)

    CMT: In June of 2011 a program featuring a TimeLife 10-CD box set titled "The Teen Years" was aired. It includes Bobby's "Dream Lover."
    It was hosted by Neil Sedaka. Neil mentions Bobby by name. Bobby is seen dancing, sings a little bit of "Dream Lover" and his picture is
    shown throughout the program. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Lorraine Tillett for this information.)

    Roger McGuinn of the Byrds put out a live disc of his solo act (Live From Mars) a few years back, which has a retrospective commentary
    about his career. This includes a story and song from Roger�s time working in the Brill Building with Bobby Darin; "Beach Ball," a song he recorded at Bobby�s urging, with Bobby sitting in on drums. Roger credits Bobby as a mentor, especially regarding a professional attitude
    and stage presence.

    (Thanks to Bruce McNeely for this information.)

    PBS: In 2010 John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind (My Music) was aired. There is a clip of Bobby singing "Simple Song of Freedom."
    Bobby is wearing his trademark tux and the clip is the entire song. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Roz Kahl for this information.)

    In November 2010, Flash Cadillac, a Rock N Roll band that appeared on numerous TV shows including American Bandstand and in the films American Grafitti and Apocalypse Now, performed a concert in Colorado. During the show they performed "Queen of the Hop" They credited Bobby Darin and asked the audience if they remembered him. They also mentioned Bobby was one of their favorites. He was the only artist that the band singled out during this concert. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Susan Krokidis for this information.)

    In 2010, the Tom Hagen/Cherie Lynn Trio, with Rick Reuther, performed at the Wenger Pavilion in Baldwin, Michigan. Mr. Reuther sang
    several Bobby Darin hits and closed the program with "Mack the Knife." (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Don & Kathy Sutherland for this information.)

    Many versions of "Mack the Knife" replace the standard list of characters with a list of prior singers of the song. In stead of "Jenny Diver,
    Sukey Tawdry, Miss Lotte Lenya, and Ol' Lucy Brown," Ella Fitzgerald, on Pure Ella: The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald
    , lists Louis Armstrong and Bobby Darin. Frank Sinatra also does a listing of Armstrong, Darin, and Fitzgerald on L.A. Is My Lady .

    (Thanks to Warren Cancilla for this information.)

    PBS: In November 2011 a "Judy Garland Duets" program was aired. The second number was Judy and Bobby performing a medley of traveling songs aboard a train from her 1960's television show. This video has been on YouTube.

    (Thanks to Chris Chambers for this information.)

    NBC: In 1976 a special called The First 50 Years was aired. A black and white clip of Bobby was shown during the singers segment. It was from 1959 and showed Bobby snapping his fingers and singing part of "Mack the Knife."

    (Thanks to Mandy Turner for this information.)

    Time Life Music: Bobby Goldsboro hosted a commercial for the "Pop Memories of the 60's' collection. In the center of the display table, and featured prominently throughout the ad, were two items accentuating Bobby Darin. One was the album cover with Bobby's face. The other
    was a book opened to a page with Bobby's description.

    In 1974, the Righteous Brothers released "Rock and Roll Heaven" with the line, "And Bobby gave us 'Mack the Knife'... look out he's
    back in town."

    In 1974, Johnny Rivers released the LP The Road that included the beautiful ballad "Artists and Poets." The song, written by Johnny
    Rivers and Michael Georgiades, was dedicated to Jim Croce, Gram Parsons and Bobby Darin.
    "Now that he's gone, will his songs live
    on? Will someone remember what he gave?"

    HBO: In 1997 a special called 50 Years of Television was aired. The show is divided into segments. In the variety show segment, there is a short black and white clip of Bobby dancing.

    (Thanks to Mandy Turner for this information.)

    The 1995 Sony "Wonder"/CTW (Sesame Street) disc "Splish Splash: Bath Time Fun" opens with Elmo singing a (slightly rewritten) version of "Splish Splash. (Lyrics)

    The 2002 CD by folk singer songwriter Bob Wilders titled Bob Wilders has a song dedicated to Bobby called "The Late Bobby Darin Blues."

    (Thanks to Brygo at WCBC Newsroom.)

    On June 28th 2005, John Stevens' new CD Red will be released. John is a fan and used Bobby's quote "My goal is to be remembered as a human being and as a great performer," on his CD packaging.

    The Who mention Bobby in the lyrics of "Mirror Song."

    (Thanks to Beth Radtke for this information.)


    Beautiful, the Carole King Musical: New York, March 15-16, 2014, near the beginning of the show, there was a song called "1650 Broadway Medley" (Brill Building). Part of it was a guy at the piano (likely depicting Bobby) singing a few lines from "Splish Splash." There was a brief credit to Bobby in the Playbill. It was really exciting to hear this, and always better when it's unexpected!!

    (Thanks to Jill Caplan for this information.)

    In the March 2010 musical play titled "A Sentimental Journey" about Doris Day, the character of Terry Melcher (Day's son) played by Ian McLarnon gives Bobby a mention. Terry worked with Bobby during his career as a songwriter and record producer and the character name checks Bobby as a co-songwriter. The play is currently running at the Wilton's Music Hall in London.

    (Thanks to Yvonne Bourke for this information.)


    WORD OF HONOR -- by Nelson Demille

    In Nelson Demille's book Word of Honor, chapter 25 mentions Ben Tyson is driving in his Triumph and nearing Coney Island, on the radio is Bobby Darin singing "Beyond the Sea." Great author and GREAT taste!!!

    (Thanks to Toni Moore for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler (page 80)

    Wow! Don't we all love how the Puzzler page of People Magazine loves Bobby!? The March 23, 2015 issue has "West Coast Girl." 34 across. "Mack the Knife" singer Bobby _____.

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler (page 7)

    The April 21, 2014 issue of People Magazine has another Bobby Darin puzzler. 43 Down. "Beyond the Sea" (Bobby _____ biopic).

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    WUSA9 Photo Gallery

    See what you think. Ron Sachs of Sachs Media Group hired Phojoe for their computerized age-progression technology. By adding a few
    years to celebrity photos we see what "music legends" who died too young might look like today.
    (Thanks to Su Cote for this information.)

    THE HEIST -- by Janet Evanovich

    Here is a fun excerpt from the book THE HEIST.

    "There was a big band leader named Tommy Dorsey."
    "Now you know why he changed it to Humperdinck."
    "Well it still takes guts.
    He could have changed it to Bobby Darin."
    "There already was a singer named Bobby Darin."
    "Yeah, but his real name was Walden Cassotto."
    "See my point?"

    (Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information.)

    11/22/63 -- by Stephen King (page 141)

    In Stephen King's new book, 11/22/63, about a man who can go back in time and does so to try to save JFK in '63, but always enters in '58, King writes ... Beverly Marsh took no notice. "Tugga's signed up for the show too." He's going to lip sync to Splish-Splash. She rolled her
    eyes. She was good at that.

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST -- by Patricia Leigh Brown (pages 167, 171-73)

    The November 2010 issue of Architectural Digest features Bobby and Sandy's Rising Glen Road Hollywood Hills home. The interior design,
    by Jim Walrod and photos, by Erhard Pfeiffer, are truly lovely. Click here to enjoy. More photos here.


    The January, 2013 issue of Playboy Magazine features an article written by Joshuah Bearman called "The Big Cigar." (Mr. Bearman is one
    of the writers on the film Argo currently seen in theaters.) It is a true, fascinating story of Hollywood during the 1960's-1970's, that features
    Huey P. Newton, Bert Schneider and includes Bobby's manager, Steve Blauner.

    (Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler page

    People Magazine must really like BD!! A movis is mentioned, again, in the December 3, 2012 Puzzler. It's 30 Across: "____ Man Answers."

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)


    In October 2012 Tom Wopat (of "Dukes of Hazzard" fame and also Broadway musicals) performed at the Al Ringling Theatre in Baraboo, WI.

    From the article: "The show is jazz standards, with a little contemporary thrown in. And the performance at the Ringling Theatre on Friday will also include a few numbers off a new album due out soon called "I've Got Your Number." An album Wopat calls swinging, with nine horns and 12 strings -- sounding a little like Bobby Darin."

    Thanks to Gail Glaze for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler (page 78)

    Bobby is definitely a favorite of People Magazine!! In the July 23, 2012 issue he makes the "Pretty in Pink"
    crossword puzzle page. This time it's 33 Across: "___ Man Answers."

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    REMEMBERING CHARLIE -- by Jerry Epstein (page 192)

    In Remembering Charlie, a pictorial biography on Charlie Chaplin by Jerry Epstein, he talks about people coming over to his apartment for
    the Christmas of 1966. He says, "The bell rang again. In walked Bobby Darin, followed by Liza Minnelli ... Sitting on the floor, Liza Minnelli began to sing, accompanied by Bobby Darin at the piano. Then he sang; then we all sang. An American Christmas had
    come to London!"

    (Thanks to Kylie Lords for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler page

    The May 7, 2012 issue of People Magazine has a very small ("but, very delightful to see") picture of Bobby and Dick Clark, almost at the last page.

    (Thanks to Linda Padulo for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler page

    In the May 14, 2012 edition of People Magazine Bobby makes the crossword puzzle AGAIN!! This time it's 43 Down: "Beyond the ___"
    (Bobby Darin hit song.) Take note of this edition's date!! :-)))

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE -- Puzzler page

    In the February 13, 2012 edition of People Magazine Bobby makes the crossword puzzle. It's 36 Across: "Mack the Knife" singer Bobby.
    Also in the same crossword puzzle is 34 Across: "The More I ____ You" and 35 Down: "Many Tears ____" by Connie Francis

    (Thanks to Kerry Schooley for this information.)

    INSIDE THE DREAM -- by Jimmy Velvet (page 25)

    This 2007 photographic memoir by Jimmy Velvet has two photos of Bobby, on page 25. As well as being a photographer, Jimmy was a singer and contemporary of Bobby and other super stars. See a review of the
    book here.

    (Thanks to Susan Schooley for this information.)


    In this 2005 release, published by Barron's and written by multiple authors, there is a two page article about Bobby. There are 4 photos, 2 on each page. It is available on Amazon.

    (Thanks to Su Cote for this information.)

    THE CASTAWAYS -- by Elin Hilderbrand (pages 157, 159)

    One of the main characters is at a party and, "A band played Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Boz Scaggs." Someone asks this same girl to dance, she hesitates and he says,
    "They're playing 'Mack the Knife.'" She loved 'Mack the Knife,' she would dance."

    (Thanks to Edwina Halsey for this information.)

    THE MITFORD BEDSIDE COMPANION -- by Jan Karon (page 121)

    A person is talking to an elderly lady who lives in a nursing home. The friend has just made arrangements for the elderly woman's grandson
    to come from out-of-state to visit and surprise his grandmother.

    "Who you think is comin' t see you next week?"
    "I don't know ... you, I guess."
    "No, this goin t' be somebody special ..."
    "You're special!"
    "Yes maam but this be somebody handsome and young."
    "I don't know anybody handsome and young."
    "Yes maam you do. You try and think, now."
    Miss Violet thought hard.
    "Bobby Darin!" she exclaimed ...

    (Thanks to Ann Hopka this information.)

    GONE BABY GONE -- by Dennis Lehane (pages 391-392)

    "I followed him into his living room, where a book of crossword puzzles sat open on the coffee table in between a bottle of Jack Daniel's, a
    half-full tumbler, and an ashtray. The TV was on, but muted, and
    Bobby Darin sang "The Good Life" from speakers set to whisper volume." ... (Lyrics)

    "None of us said anything, and
    Bobby Darin's silk vocal slid through the room. I stood in the doorway with all that had gone unspoken
    and unconfronted in my friendship with Devin hanging between us as
    Darin sang with a detached mourning for the unattainable, the gulf between what we wish for and what we get."

    (Thanks to Gail Glaze for this information.)

    LIONBOY: The Chase -- by Zizou Corder (page 66)

    "So then he started singing all his favourite washing songs ('Splish Splash' I was taking a bath!'") (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Michael Lowe for this information.)

    FOR ONE MORE DAY -- by Mitch Albom (pages 45-46; 129-131)

    "The Melody Changes" (pages 45-46) - We had a hi-fi, and one year for her birthday
    she got an album by Bobby Darin. He sang that tune, and she played the record after dinner as she cleaned the dishes. ... But once my father left, she never did again. The Bobby Darin album stayed on the shelf. ...

    "Chick Makes His Choice" (pages 129-131) - �Hey! Wait! Look at this!�
    It was the Bobby Darin album my mother used to play when we were kids. He wore a white tuxedo on the cover, his hair embarrassingly short and neat. She playfully snapped her fingers as I sang Bobby Darin. ... The next day I called my mom ... I told her about Catherine and the Bobby Darin song. ...

    (Thanks to Kanna Jones for this information.)

    FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB -- by Kate Jacobs (page 331)

    "But there was something enticing about the idea of waking up beside Marty morning after morning, hearing him sing Bobby Darin hits in the shower. She had to admit, there was something darn nice about spending time with someone from the same generation."

    (Thanks to Gail Glaze for this information.)

    WHISTLING IN THE DARK -- by Lesley Kagen (page 149)

    "Mr. Gary has very dreamy eyes," Troo said in her sleepy voice,
    the one she got when she listened to Bobby Darin on the blue Motorola transistor radio that Mr. Gary brought us last year all the way from California for no reason at all." (This book takes place in 1959 and includes
    a mention of "Splish Splash" also, but only in reference
    to the song, not Bobby. (Lyrics)

    (Thanks to Roz Kahl for this information.)

    CHRISTINE -- by Stephen King (page 279)

    Then the music again, Bobby Darin singing "Splish-Splash," Ernie K-Doe singing "Mother-in-Law" ...

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    THE TALISMAN -- by Stephen King (page 585)

    "There's an old song which goes -
    "and the ground coughs up some roots/wearing denim shirts and boots/haul em away... haul em away ..."

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)

    IT -- by Stephen King (page 686)

    "Carl Perkins sings rock and roll, Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly -- ah-ow Peggy Sue, my Peggy Suh-uh-oo" please Richard," Ben said ..."

    (Thanks to Kathy Bebej for this information.)


    Bioshock: In the popular 2015 video game "Bioshock," Mr. Darin's song "Beyond the Sea" can be heard playing on various jukeboxes
    located throughout the game map. The song is also used in the trailer for the game.

    (Thanks to Britton Stokes for this information.)

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