Brian Setzer

"Bobby Was Way Real"

Former Stray Cat Brian Setzer is a Bobby Darin fan. Brian wrote a wonderful tribute to Mr. Darin in the Rhino Box Set "As Long as I'm Singing."

"Bobby, to me, rocked twice as hard as that other bobbysoxer, and he never let up." Brian said in part, "Darin ... didn't emerge from a cookie cutter mold like so many other '50s idols. He reached down inside, grabbed it, and laid it on the table. Yeah, Bobby was way real."

Setzer showed his devotion to Bobby best by singing "A Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Square" which is available on his CD "The Brian Setzer Orchestra." "There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" is also on that CD. Brian's lastest CD "Dirty Boogie" has a great track of "As Long as I'm Singin'" (Audio).

Thank you, Brian, for remembering Bobby. Your influence to the younger generation will help keep Bobbys music alive.

Brian's website is here.

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