The Bobby Darin Show

January 19, 1973

The Bobby Darin Amusement Company returned to the air as The Bobby Darin Show on January 19, 1973. Mr. Darin seemed genuinely delighted to be back on the air, and welcomed guests Burl Ives, Dyan Cannon and Flip Wilson.

Bobby's musical numbers included "Once In a Lifetime," "Sweet Caroline," "Happy" and "A Quarter to Nine." He also sang duets with Burl Ives and Dyan Cannon.

Comedy segments included "Dusty John Dustin" and "The Godmother." He did his Groucho impression. Mr.Darin also attempted to solve a tricky chess move on the air. The hour wrapped up with a musical production salute to the city of San Francisco and Bobby ended the program singing "Mack the Knife."

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