Technical Information

"Come on Baby...remember those IBM machines!"

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Some of you have asked what is used to make the site.
There has been a lot of experimenting with different products over the is a list of what has been used so far. There is always something new to learn, so to keep up with ever-changing technology, this list is always subject to change.

(* Indicates still in use)

Computers Used:

A Power Macintosh Performa [ 5200 series] ( 8 megs of Ram, 2 GB hardrive,... an Edsel in the Macintosh world...1997-1998)

A generic PC (AMD 133 MHz processor, upgraded to 333MHz processor, 32 megs of ram...1998-2000)

A Gateway Essential PC*( Pentium III 500 MHz processor, 128 megs of ram, 20 GB hard drive...2000)

Pictures created with:

Umax Astra 600 S Scanner( Mac and PC compatible...1997-2000)

Epson Perfection 636U Scanner* ( 2000)

Macintosh video capture software ( 1997-1998)

ATI All In Wonder Video Capture software ( 1998-2000)'s Snappy 3.0 video capture software* ( 1998-2000)

Adobe Photodeluxe 2.0/ 3.0* ( 1997-2000)

Paint Shop Pro 6.0* ( 2000...soon to be 7.0)

Ulead Animated Gif Maker ( 1998-2000)

Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop 2.0* ( 2000...soon to be 3.0)

HTML Pages created with :

Geocities Basic HTML Editor ( 1997-1998)

Geocities Advanced HTML Editor ( 1998-2000)

Tripod HTML Editor ( 1997-1999)

Fortune City HTML editor ( 1997)

Coffee Cup HTML Editor Demo ( 2000)

Windows Notepad* ( My all time favorite.... 2000)

Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0 ( demo version) (2000...working on it..too much work for my feeble brain )

Macromedia Flash 5.0 ( demo version) ( 2000...working on it..please wish me luck)

Presto Page Manager for Epson* ( OCR software, this is what is used to scan the magazine articles to notepad, so they can be converted to HTML...2000)

Audio Files created with:

Windows Sound recorder (1998-1999)

Audio Rack ( Came with old PC... 1998-1999)

Yamaha software ( Came with old PC... 1999-2000)

Cool Edit 2000* ( 2000)

Real Producer* (1999-2000)

(NOTE: Some audio from recordings have been archived to CD by Jimmy Scalia, for which I am very grateful. I have converted them for the web from the CD ROM on my computer using Cool edit 2000. However, music from video sources I make with my VCR, computer sound card and Cool Edit 2000.)

Files uploaded using:

Online uploaders at Geocities, Tripod & Fortune City (1997-2000)

WS_FTP LE software* ( 1999-2000)

Site hosts:

Geocities ( 1997-2000)

Tripod ( 1997-2000, a few pages)

Fortune city ( 1997-2000, one page)

Yahoo Website services* (1999- 2000 Formerly

The site has been tested on IE 5.0 and Netscape 4.7, however, it may be best viewed on IE 5.0. WebTV users may not be able to access many features of the site. Sorry!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me Thanks!


Come on, baby! Remember
those IBM machines...