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Stan Edwards' CD "Play Me Hearts & Flowers"

Singer Stan Edwards collaborated with Harriet Wasser on a show titled "Bobby Darin:That's All - A Living Tribute to Bobby Darin" at the Village Gate in New York during the late 1980's. It ran for 71 performances and received wide critical acclaim.

Edwards has been reviewed as having "a great voice reminiscent of the song stylists of the mid-50's. His tribute to Bobby Darin is heart felt and authentic."

Below is a review from January 8, 1992 of Stan's tribute by Jack Kleinsinger, producer of "Hightlights in Jazz."

For people in my age group (not so senior citizens), Bobby Darin was "our singer" much as Sinatra was for the generations before, the Beatles for the generation after, and Bruce Springstein for today's "kids."

I viewed with some trepidation "A Living Tribute to Bobby Darin," presented in 1992. Would the music seem helplessly dated, perhaps "camp," and possibly make us painfully aware of just how many years had gone by? More frightening was the prospect of either hearing a total Darin imitation or the material done in a manner that would insult Darin's memory. None of the fears were justified, however.

Singer Stan Edwards, ably abetted by a tastefully swinging trio (Gary Pace on piano; Tom Kirchmer on bass; and Bobby Natanson on drums), captured the brash hipness, musicality and New York street smarts that made Darin the kind of singer as we all would have wanted to be.

As one who attended high school with Darin and met him a few times, loved his records and had the thrill of seeing him perform live, I can say that Stan Edwards brought it all back. No mere clone, he nevertheless captured the essence of Bobby Darin -- and made us appreciate our own great taste in making Darin one of our favorites so many years ago.

--- Jack Kleinsinger, producer of "Hightlights in Jazz"

Stan Edwards also was a part of "Bobby Darin: That's All - In Words and Music" at the monthly meeting of the New York Sheet Music Society, on Saturday January 9, 1999. Edwards, along with Harriet Wasser and several others, did an outstanding tribute to Mr. Darin. Stan's musical contributions to that program included "As Long as I'm Singing," "That's The Way Love Is," "Artifical Flowers," "Eighteen Yellow Roses" and "You're The Reason I'm Living." He also sang his original composition "Bobby Was," a tribute to Mr. Darin.

You can order Stan Edwards current CD,"Play Me Hearts & Flowers" here.
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