Bobby Darin


      Bobby Darin recorded his songs "She's Tanfastic" and "A Moment Of Love" for ATCO records.
      The latter was recorded July 22, 1959 in New York City (Master 3982). "She's Tanfastic" (Master 4259) was recorded
      in Los Angeles on Febuary. 5, 1960 and copyrighted May 6, 1960.
      This record was used as a promotion for a brand of suntan lotion called "Tanfastic."
      Coupons were available in stores during the summer of 1960 to order the single as a premium collector's item for the price of 50 cents.
      Both songs are currently available on the ATCO CD "The Best of Bobby Darin Volume One: Splish Splash."

      The coupon offer
      The back of the coupon
      (Coupon courtesy of Harriet Wasser)

      Ad for Tanfastic Lotion
      (Ad courtesy of Jeff Zimmer)

      Bobby working on his tan in 1960.

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