Bobby Darin TV Appearances

Not only was Bobby Darin a legend in the recording studio and in live performances, he also made many appearances on television, too. From drama to comedy to variety programs, Mr. Darin did it all and did it well!

Below is a list (not comprehensive) of his television appearances, sorted by month.

Bobby appeared on The Tonight Show several times and he also appeared on the TV program Hollywood Backstage, an entertaining collection of newsreel footage from the 1960s that was produced by Rick Spalla.

Darin was the subject of two fabulous documentaries. Beyond the Song, first aired on PBS stations in December 1998. The A&E Biography aired in August 2001. He was also the subject of a Mysteries and Scandals on the E! Channel that premiered in 1999.

To keep up-to-date on Bobby's current television appearances, visit TV-Guide.

Thanks to Jeff Bleiel, whose well written book
is the source for some of this information.

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